The Red Pill 2051_The Squeeze

There are few people that don’t feel the squeeze as the economy stumbles towards the big fall. But that doesn’t stop lawmakers from finding inventive ways to tax you. The Green Movement is rolling along like a boulder on a hill and will soon smash all opposition in its way. Just ask the British. Iran has thrown down a gauntlet, but this was all foreseen by the New American Century in the 90’s. Cocaine is bad enough for your health, but now it’s ‘mysteriously’ being cut with a drug that can destroy the human immune system. Coincidence or active depopulation strategy? After the hubbub surrounding the Gulf oil spill, who would of thought that microbes living there have adapted to eat oil? I’m betting this was known all along. But facts don’t matter to the masses.

Thankfully, some young people understand this inhumane system, in which we live.

Aerial surveillance used to enforce laws

Should video taping police be a crime?

Businesses facing wave of green taxes

Iran unveils new bomber, dubbed “The Ambassador of Death”

The Mystery of Tainted Cocaine

Mighty oil eating microbes help clean up the Gulf

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