The Red Pill 2051_12/30/10

When one comes to realize and accept the one agenda that rules all our lives, one can’t help but notice the taunting winks and nods all around, like the FP blog, “Shadow Government”. How obvious can one be? The hidden masters aren’t hiding anymore, because they have done such a wonderful job of dumbing down the public. And like strict parents, they dictate the rules and talk down to us to keep us complacent. And while we’re cowering in fear like Pavlov’s dogs, escaping into fantasy to maintain our fragile sanity, the control grid is being finalized. Electricity is the “trick of the elect”. But before that happens, the physical tyranny must intensify. Just ask the student protestors in Britain how they feel about the police these days.

Obama’s 2010: Shadow Government looks back (wink, wink)

About Shadow Government

UK snow chaos: why you are to blame

Some hard to teach because of genetics

Microsoft and the “Smart Grid”

Police kettling video from UK

Police deaths rise in 2010

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The Red Pill 2051_Cave People

We are all cave people. Here at the bottom, we live in a vast, fabricated information cave, inside of which are many smaller caves that separate us from one another. The internet was never designed to give us freedom of speech or choice, but rather just the shadows of those ideals, as is evident in the recent FCC ruling to allow corporations to more tightly control access to the internet. The cave is being collapsed bit by bit until all alternate information about the state of the world is squeezed out, leaving the masses with only the official propaganda and entertainment. To add insult to injury, while we’ll be paying more to access our fun, we will continued to be spied upon, though most won’t mind. It’s for our safety, right? Break your mental bondage and step out of the cave. You may not like what you see, but you’ll know it’s the truth. And that brings a peace all its own.

Plato’s Cave:

FCC caves on net neutrality (No pun intended)

Wireless companies contemplating charging per service

Whistleblower exposes secret NSA room at AT&T (Youtube)

Mark Zuckerberg pledges half his fortune to charity

Monitoring America

UK government plan to block all pornography at source, unless you opt-in, of course

Will Switzerland allow incest?

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The Red Pill 2051_12/15/10

Ever so slowly, people are just starting to wake up and are finally noticing the strange trails crisscrossing the sky almost everywhere you look. This new documentary is another great step to possibly stop the poisoning of our skies. It’s claimed that they’re trying to curb global warming, but some white-coated priests in NASA have claimed that the climate models are wrong and the earth is in little danger at the moment. So which one is it? More arguments to justify cloud computing keep popping up, now linked with the green agenda. To top it off, police and government corruption continue to rise. Not that would matter much to the narcissists out there, but then again, their disorder is being dropped from the upcoming DSM-5. Lovely.

“What in the world are they spraying?” Documentary online

5 Personality Disorders struck from upcoming DSM-5

From NASA: current global warming models are wrong

Is the Internet sustainable?

Battle heats up between cops and civilians who record them

Espionage Act “makes criminals of us all”

Assange rape case highlight Sweden’s liberal laws

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The Red Pill 2051_Ordo Ab Chao

Chaos is growing in this “Century of Change”. And out of it will come the new Order. The British Ministry of Defense and the Pentagon have predicted the future will be plagued with economic and social strife for the next 30 years. How can they be so sure, unless the chaos is planned? But we’re not supposed to know that. The police, on the other hand, have been given a totally different reality, one in which all citizens are potential criminals and require harsh discipline. Just ask the poor people of New Orleans or the rioters in Greece and Britain. The chaos has even become virtual, with hackers attacking websites on behalf of Wikileaks. I do wonder whether it’s bonafide or not.

American collapse by 2025

DCDC Strategic Trends 2007-2036

3 police officers convicted in Post-Katrina shooting and body burning

TSA worker had spent time in jail for stalking and harassment

Riots worsen over British tuition hike

Riots in Greece intensify over austerity plans

Hacker launch cyber-war on behalf of Wikileaks

Goodbye to internet freedom

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The Red Pill 2051_Indoctrination

When the U.N. was created, undemocratically I might add, after WWII, one of the first organizations created was UNESCO. As its first General-Director, Julian Huxley laid the foundation (Masonic joke) of a standardized global education system. This primary role continues today, as mobile indoctrination centers fan out across the globe to reach every person on the planet. But educating the youth is not enough for these control freaks. Adults also need to be retrained into the ever-changing reality of their part of the world. Soon, they will probe your dreams, finding out how you tick and then tailor specific indoctrination just for you. And if they make a mistake, they can simply erase that memory and start all over again. Strangely enough, if you smoke, you may be resistant to such advances, which is one way to explain the war on smoking. All you need is a little out-of-the-box thinking and perhaps the answers will come. Too bad the masses are content in the box.

Julian Huxley and UNESCO

Preparing the next generation to the conference table

Education for all

Scientists hope to record our dreams

Method to erase traumatic memories on horizon

Passive smoking causes 1% of ALL world’s deaths

Real Reason for war on smoking

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