The Red Pill 2051_Global Village

A global village is being created all around us. One in which our choices, movements and even thoughts will be severely limited by the economic control of corporate overlords, exactly like those Carroll Quigley wrote about in “Tragedy and Hope”. The citizens of the EU are just now beginning to understand this better than most at the present. The U.S. is not immune to the harsh economic policies of the EU. The North American Union is already complete as evidenced by the U.S. spy center in Mexico City. We just haven’t been told yet. Be careful what you Tweet about this though, or you may end up in a future work camp like in China. All the while, the depopulation agenda is rolling forward and now we have celebrities telling us it’s alright to be childless in order to save the earth. Be careful where you get your information from.

Ireland unveils harshest budget cuts, tax hikes in history

A Princess who is trying trying to make Estonia love the Euro

Cost of EU agencies more the ₤2 billion

U.S. may be left behind in marketplace if it doesn’t cut CO2 emissions

“U.S. spy center” discovered in Mexico City

Chinese woman sentenced to labor camp for a tweet

Actor won’t have kids for environmental reasons

The Population Institute

Wikimedia Foundation Benefactors page

Open Society Foundations

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The Red Pill 2051_11/22/2010

The comedic sage, George Carlin, stated years ago that if you vote, you can’t complain. To people like Erik and I, his argument makes more and more sense with each passing day. Think about that when the next election cycle comes around in 2012. Perhaps we should be asking our state and federal “leaders” about the implementation of Agenda 21, of which most people have not a clue, because they are not meant to know that it is happening. Unfortunately, by then many of us will be out of work and to concerned with mere survival, rather than with such academic subjects. We have only to thank the Federal Reserve’s bailout which was forced down our collective throats. Democracy is wonderful, isn’t it? I hate to even mention the TSA, since that’s all the media has been covering these past two weeks, but it should be no surprise that there is corruption behind the adoption of these particular body scanners. I truly hope more and more people refuse, but it will take time to convince the authorities to back off. There is more to say, but I’ll let the articles speak for themselves.

You can’t complain if you *did* vote

Voting is even more worthless than you think

States of Emergency

It’s not the Great Recession, it’s the great Bank Robbery

Taxi to the Dark Side (Google Video)

The Great Global Warming Swindle (Google Video)

Student loan lenders pay out large settlement over rate allegations

TSA: Common Sense, Follow the Money

Oleg Kashin’s Horrible Truth

“Shadows of the Future” Codex Alimentarius (Video)

Children without MMR jabs should be banned from school

The big lie about abortion and mental health

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The Red Pill 2051_11/14/2010

Travel tip: If you refuse to use the new full body scanners, then check the videos below to see what is in store for you. This kind of treatment is usually reserved for newly arrived prisoners, but then again, that’s the point. We’re all potential terrorists in the new emerging global system. Do you ‘feel’ like a terrorist? Why do we stand for such treatment? Is it really for safety, or have we been trained to obey authority, even if it is wrong? It’s been well documented that the CIA secretly funded artists and writers during the Cold War and it makes you wonder what their funding these days and for what purposes. I’m sure they funded the “great” biowarfare scientist William C. Patrick III, who before his death last month, created enough anthrax to wipe out the entire human population. But since the U.S.’s corruption perception index is relatively low, the public will continue to play and be happy in their slavery. That was Aldus Huxley’s dream.

Three year old accosted by TSA agent. (Video pulled due to copyright issue.)

Assume the position

Talk radio host refuses to go through new body scanner

TSA encounter at San Diego airport

TSA sense of humor makes me nervous

Hollaback, a new iPhone app

The CIA spent millions to weaponize art during Cold War

This man made enough germs to kill off multiple planets

2010 Corruption Perception Index

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The Red Pill 2051_Sterilization

The depopulation agenda is steamrolling ahead as NGO’s, supported by foundations, of course, are spreading like cancer across the world to convince everyone that a population explosion is imminent unless people stop having so many children. In rural India, town rallies headed by eminent locals and street plays are being used on the illiterate masses, exactly as it was done back in Plato’s day. Here in the West, we’ve been secretly sterilized with chemicals like BPA for 50 years and are just now finding out. But it goes further than that in this crazy system. A new disorder called “Pregorexia” threatens fetuses in the womb with lower IQ’s and birth defects. A birth control gel that can be rubbed on the skin has been “developed”. I wonder if its been secretly introduced into our environment like BPA? Never fear, though, because science has figured out the chemical processes that cause people to fall in love. Big Brother never had it so easy, huh?

Sterilization campaign in India

BPA is killing your sperm

Dieting for two (Not my joke)

New birth control gel

Falling in love is like snorting cocaine

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The Red Pill 2051_Halloween

On Halloween, people go to great lengths to frighten themselves and others. But what most people are afraid of is not what can hurt or kill them, but fantastic and mythological creatures that reside in our imaginations. Personally, I’m more afraid of unmanned drones mounted with .50 caliber machine guns roaming the streets of Seattle, or being plucked from my apartment by black clad hit squads, because I didn’t do what I was told, or even worse, mass depopulation of the planet by war, poverty and lack of the basic necessities of life. But such things hit a little too close to home for the majority of the public, so they would rather worry about poltergeists and zombies. As long as that’s the case, we don’t stand much of chance to divert the real horror show that is manifesting itself everyday. Happy Halloween.

The caMEL bot

The extinction of vertebrates around the world

The Ten U.S. cities that are running out of water

Ohio McDonald’s employees get voting instructions with their paycheck

Facebook wants to know all it can about the minimalist user

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