The Red Pill 2051_4/26/11

Are you one of the thousands of people who wish to come to the U.S. legally? If so, there’s a new bureaucratic hurdle you must jump. You may as well sneak through the Mexican border. It would be easier. We’re not the only country dealing with illegal immigration, obviously, but Russia has solved their problem by banning the Movement Against Illegal Immigration altogether. I wonder what our government has in store for Arizona? Down in Brazil, the police have received high-tech facial scanning glasses not for public safety, per se, but to track the crowds at the upcoming World Cup games in 2014 and root out troublemakers. We’re not allowed to have fun anymore, it seems. Over in Britain, Captain Picard has thrown his support behind the right to assisted dying, legitimizing suicide for thousands of loyal Star Trek fans. Is this the final frontier? The BBC already aired its propaganda piece about that subject, but now it’s under fire after some leaked documents link it to al-Qaeda activity. Those boys from Eton are always up to something. Britain could be holding the bill for poor air quality during the Olympic Games, which just goes to show you that we never really win in this system.

State Department wants applicants to reveal lifetime employment history

Movement against illegal immigration banned in Russia

Brazilian police to use ‘Robocop- style’ glasses at World Cup games

Patrick Stewart backs right to assisted death

How to pay no taxes

Wikileak files accuse BBC of being part of a ‘possible propaganda network (for al-Qaeda, of course)

London pollution on course to land Britain hefty fine from IOC

New DHS terrorism threat advisory system launched

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The Red Pill 2051_4/18/11

As a totalitarian regime manifests, it must rewrite and/or obliterate the cultural history of its subjects, so that its power can appear eternal, and therefore, infallible. George Orwell exposed this technique in “1984” and now we’re beginning to see its use throughout the world. But that’s not good enough for the global elite. They also feel the need to kill us off and bring our population down to a more manageable level. What better way than to poison the well and affect the weather, causing droughts or floods? You know, real wrath of God stuff. But it doesn’t stop there. As health and wealth decline, people tend to become upset about reality and start to question whether or not this is the right path. Our “illustrious” leaders will have no opposition, so they implement large-scale spying operations, in order to “get to know us” better, understand what our grievances are and respond appropriately, thus lulling the masses back to sleep. And you thought the iPhone 4 was just for your entertainment.

China TV censorship crack down on time travel plots

Chromium-6 in water supplies around the country

Scientists find FIRST evidence that weather affects tectonic plate movement

Gun control advocates win rare victory in budget deal

Lifelapse aims to give your whole day and instant replay

Final Cut on IMDB (coincidence?)

Creepy iPhone 4 facetime glitch

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The Red Pill 2051_4/10/11

On today’s talk, Erik and I cover a wide variety of topics from the death of bee colonies, poisonous food additives, the dangers of vaccines, the scam of global warming and/or climate change and our over reliance on technology. This all sounds pretty bleak, but we need to be aware of the dangers around us if we’re going to do anything about them. Don’t lose heart and keep speaking out to people who will listen!

Industries war on nature: What the bees are telling us

Aspartame – To DIEt or not to DIEt, the sweet little killer

Flu shots and brain damage

U.N.:Global warming could cause ‘climate chaos’

‘Slow onset’ climate change could threaten food security

Doctors urged to take climate leadership role

Portugal on brink of EU bailout

U.K. scientists warn of ‘dangerous over-reliance’ on GPS

The Navy’s invisible laser (not very fair, huh?)

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The Red Pill 2051_4/6/11

For anybody with even a vague sense of history, it is easy to see that the United Nations is simply a reintroduction of the League of Nations. I just finished a book called, “Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House: A personality study”, in which the authors give a good argument of why the United States did not enter the League after WWI; the war to end all wars, supposedly. But the book also gives insight into the role of the technocrat, that enigmatic figure who shuns the limelight of the press, but works tirelessly to exercise his/her power over public leaders. Colonel Mandell House was just one of many such technocrats, but his role in Wilson’s presidency was unprecedented at the time. I highly recommend the book. Here in Seattle, I came across a flyer from the Revolutionary Communist Party of the U.S.A. Again, anyone with a vague sense of history of the past 100 years will scoff at the idea that communism works, but this little pamphlet doesn’t care about you. It’s designed to speak to the young and disenfranchised, of which there are many. If you know anyone who is entertaining the idea of communism as a means to a better life, please direct them to this episode for a little more information.

Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House: A personality study at Amazon (easily attainable at your public library)

Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80th birthday extravaganza!

Free Bob Avakian

Harun Yahya: The bloody history of communism

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The Red Pill 2051_4/3/11

Erik is back on today’s talk. We cover topics ranging from the economy, H.A.A.R.P., chemtrails, phone apps that let you rat on people to Homeland Security, high-tech weapons for crowd dispersal, high-tech ghost cities in China and global warming…or climate change, or whatever the media will be calling it in the future.

The Ray Gun

The deliberate lies that shift attention away from the economy

Reporting suspicious activity? There’s an app for that

You call this economic

Happy kids divorce more: University of Cambridge study

Playing H.A.A.R.P, and playing with your mind?

Ghost towns of China

Listen up, “deniers”! Your internet use is killing the planet

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