The Red Pill 2051_10/22/10

The bureaucracy of the National Health Service in Britain could be listed as the “cause of death” for many. Just ask the woman in the first article. Then again, there’s just too many of us, according to the WWF, so why not let terminal cancer patients die. Maybe we won’t need that second earth after all, huh? Over the channel in France, riots are breaking out again over the raising of the retirement age, but the intrepid reporter at doesn’t seem to think too much of peoples’ anger. Does he know something we don’t? Here in the U.S., if you’re out of work, all that TV watching may pay off as police departments hire civilian CSI’s in order to tackle budget cuts. Now you can live out your fantasy of dumpster diving for clues or scanning a dirty hotel room for semen stains. Fun stuff.

Delay cost woman cancer treatment

Second Earth needed by 2030 (so scary!)

Rioting in France

You too can be a CSI, just like in your favorite TV show!

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The Red Pill 2051_Family

The family has been a powerful counterbalance to tyranny for many centuries. Unfortunately, it’s foundation has been under attack ever since the Communist Manifesto was put into practice in the late 19th century. These days, whole families are at the mercy of state welfare, interdependent on the economic system. But then again, aren’t we all? Who will stand up for you if not your family?

‘Shameless’ Generation grows as 7 million Brits live on welfare

Cruel test for poor families in NYC

Pregnant women added to flu jab list

Are boys more desirable than girls

Daycare webcams a bit hit with parents

Evolution Readiness Project

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