The Red Pill 2051_1/26/11

Back in 2007, The British Ministry of Defense predicted the emergence of ongoing, worldwide riots starting around 2010-2012 and lo and behold, just look at what’s happened. The world has experienced riots in Iceland, Greece, Britain, Tunisia and now Egypt. I wonder how they knew? Perhaps the fact that the IMF has decimated their economies? Over in the EU, British fisherman are forced to dump millions of tons of fish to comply with quota laws and people wonder why their sushi is so expensive. Little wars may erupt from all this turmoil, and according to an “expert” for the Carnegie Institution for Science, mass human deaths allow forests to regrow and soak up more CO2. Meanwhile, you can’t plant a tree in the city without the proper permits. Erik is back on this show and gives his point of view about the Arizona shootings. Why don’t people care about all this? Maybe because they’re addicted to sex, violence and fun, all wrapped into one. Imagine what the upcoming generation will be in to.


Riot in Cairo

EU orders UK trawlers to dump 1m tons of fish

What’s the carbon footprint of war?

Arizona lawmakers seek protections after shooting. (I bet.)

Oakland second graders engaged in sex acts in class, report says

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The Red Pill 2051_1/21/11

As the U.S. economy collapses, China is being held up as the model for us to follow, even though all of our industry was moved to China years ago under the GATT treaty. Sounds like a set-up to me. But even though you and I are broke, the military here and abroad are throwing millions of dollars to collect the DNA of their soldiers, for identification purposes, of course. And more of our future tax money is being funneled into “new” vaccine research and medical technology that will monitor us 24 hours a day. Thank you, Mr. Gates, but I don’t see you lining up for your annual flu shot down at the local drug store.

China as the model industrial state

U.S. solar panel maker moves to factory to China

India military to begin DNA profiling of soldiers

Secretive group of scientists urge Pentagon to begin mapping soldiers’ DNA

Swine flu offers ‘extraordinary super immunity’

Bill Gates and mobile health technology

Bluetooth-enabled meds to enter European bloodstreams

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The Red Pill 2051_1/19/11

War is Peace.
Work makes Freedom.
If you see something, say something.
Just Do It.

Slogans have been used by every king, queen, emperor, despot, religious institution and government, whether democratic or totalitarian, since the dawn of civilization. They are repeated, ad nauseam, until they sink into the collective unconsciousness and are forgotten by the majority of the people. In fact, they are a hidden weapon to be used when neccessary to elicit action from the masses, such as in times of war or social strife. In this spirit, I’m making my own slogan:

Government is Violence

Since I don’t have the funding to spread and repeat this message, I doubt it will ever really catch on, but at least it’s honest. Today’s podcast shows some ways in which the public is coerced and forced to do things we don’t want. And some people don’t react well as was evident with the Arizona shooting last week. Most people don’t care one way or the other, but there are more and more voices out there who are seeing the world for what it truly is and they are indignant, as should be their right. Helping one another is the only way to survive what is coming.

Where we’re headed

Government is the essence of

London to Ediburgh by electric car: it was quicker by stagecoach

Many Russian on Staten Island are aligning with Republicans

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The Red Pill 2051_1/14/11

From our viewpoint, down here at the bottom level of society, where we are kept in ignorance by the simple act of withholding vital information. It seems impossible to conceive of, let alone plan, the human condition in a million years. We are too busy trying to survive and also distract ourselves from reality with TV, video games, Facebook, etc.

But there are those who are daring such a feat and at the moment are having great success. Let’s finish peering into the probable future of humanity as Charles Galton Darwin sees it.

Below is a revealing interview about the future with Aldous Huxley from the 1950’s. He and Charles Galton are like peas in a pod. This is not surprising, since Aldous’ grandfather, Thomas Huxley was a great friend and proponent Charles Darwin and help solidify the theory of evolution into the public consciousness.

Part 1 of 3

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Unreasonable Persuasion

If the idea of a carbon footprint made any sense at all, I would give it serious consideration. I defy anyone to explain it to me without using one of the many slogans and buzz words repeated ad nauseum on TV and in print.

I wonder what they’re trying to tell the young in this commercial?

(This video is another victim of the memory hole. Thankfully, some of us have memory.)

The Red Pill 2051_1/11/11

Charles Galton Darwin, grandson of the famous, (or infamous) naturalist, Charles Darwin wrote “The Next Million Years”, published in 1953. In this long essay, such lovely topics as the manipulation of the masses, population control, eugenics, bio-engineering, etc. are treated with the dry, academic tone of someone who is obviously above the everyday grind that most of us experience in life. In other words, he is a psychopath with no empathy for us, the unwashed masses. In my and many others’ opinion, it is one of the more important books to read, if you wish to understand the current state of the world. I go through some excerpts that happen to stand out to me.

The Hunger Games, (what passes for young adult predictive programming these days)

The Next Million Years on Scribd

Charles Galton Darwin Biography

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The Red Pill 2051_1/9/11

Freedom is an elastic term that means many things to many people. But did you know that there is such an idea as Positive and Negative Freedom? We Americans have enjoyed Negative freedom for the past 60 years, whereas the citizens of the Soviet Union, China and even North Korea have experienced Positive freedom. It doesn’t make sense, really, except to the mindset of those who rule us.

We have been told that North Korea is a rogue state with an insane leader, but this is only a half-truth. In reality, North Korea is a shining success of collectivist/fascist indoctrination, where everyone knows their place and works without complaint towards an idealistic goal, which will never come to be. The citizens don’t need much entertainment and don’t require explanations; they just do what they’re told. What a utopia for those who rule over us! China is an example of the next step, where capitalism and communism is blended with a fascist dictatorship at the top. And remember, China is the model state for the world, according to the U.N.. Only you can set you free…

Positive and Negative Liberty

Inside North Korea

Crossing the line Documentary

Does Chairman Mao rule China from beyond the grave?

Stalin and the “Cult of Personality”

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