The Red Pill 2051_6/30/2010

A billion dollars spent in Toronto, just so our “leaders” can tell us we need to spend less. Fallout from the oil spill now killing crops and causing at least one suicide so far. Cellphone towers are soon coming to coexist with you in your home. And the White House wants to help you “blog anonymously” by gathering all your personal data.

G20 Canada Billion Dollar Summit

G20 and deficit reductions

BP oil spill and Corexit 9500 dispersant

First BP spill related suicide

Put a cell tower in your house

White House wants to help you “blog anonymously”

The Web shatters focus, rewires brain

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The Red Pill 2051_Groupthink

It is in our nature to be social, but this natural drive has been corrupted to a point where, in order to exist peacefully in a group, you have to suppress your unique individuality or be shunned. People follow leaders blindly towards the cliff edge, rarely questioning where they are going and why. Why do we continue to behave this way?

What is Groupthink?

The Delphi Technique

Crowds ‘pick leaders to follow’

Sentient Worlds: war games on the grandest scale

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The Red Pill 2051_6/23/2010

Technology and the Internet are double-edge swords. We all live in a sea of radiation, the danger of which has not yet completely manifested in the public’s health. The Internet has become an extension of TV for the most part, though it does provide people like me a means to reach out to whoever wants to listen. Being smart now equals being connected to information, though without context, reasoning and contemplation, information simply becomes distraction.

Can't we just enjoy a blue sky anymore?

The man who is allergic to radio waves

How the iPad steals your brain

The fate of the Internet is being decided behind closed doors

Net-Worth obsession

Rats forget their fears after injection straight to the brain

Weather Warfare excerpt

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The Red Pill 2051_Food

We have very little contact with our food as compared to just 70 years ago. We have allowed large corporations to take control of almost every facet of food production. But at what cost? Historically, food has always been used as a weapon and it will be used again in our lifetimes. This podcast is about some of the ways food is being used to guarantee our obedience.

War and Peace:Food:A Weapon

Top ten seed companies in the world

Codex Alimentarius

Corporate atrocities

Unleashing GMO seeds: Food is Power

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The Red Pill 2051_6/16/2010

Futurists talk reverentially about the “Singularity”. Cybernetic immortality masks ancient eugenic aspirations. New cloud formations are appearing in the skies, but scientists don’t seem to know why. Is it really our fault? The economy continues to slide down slowly as money and jobs disappear and college students are being advised to “shoot lower” than before. Honor killings reveal that the caste system is alive and well in India, but there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Merely Human? That’s so Yesterday

The Futurist and his followers

A drug that can make you sleep while you starve

New cloud formations over Missouri

Obama warns of ‘Massive Layoffs…’

The future for college students

Honor killings in Delhi

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The Red Pill 2051_I Borg

Individual human beings are being interconnected like circuits on a board and no one seems to mind. Collective social behavior is sweeping across the world like a contagious disease, making life difficult for those with individualistic tendencies. But who cares, right? In a democracy, the majority rules, even if the majority is wrong.

The “Human Superorganism”

The Brain Chip Cometh

Electronic Tattoo

South Korean family starves their baby

Cloud Computing in Japan

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The Red Pill 2051_Breaking Badly

The old “normals” are breaking badly all around us, but most people haven’t even noticed. Privacy is an antiquated notion, being “social” is the new devotion. Karma has no power when everyone is self-involved. There are no consequences to your actions, so the Kabbalah has resolved. TV shows us the future, if you’re willing to believe, or rather perceive.

What does Kabbalah teach


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