After some consideration…

I’ve decided to leave the site up as it stands and a much cheaper plan that wasn’t available last time I checked allows me to keep the podcast up and running for now. ┬áThere is a lot of great archived information on this site and it would be foolish to take it down.


Where the hell have I been?

This is a message to any of you who still might follow this blog. I am going to take it down in the next month, along with the podcast. The downloads have slowly eroded away, so I can’t justify the monthly cost to keep it out there. I have also decided to quit my current career trajectory and do something different with my life. What that will be, I have no idea. There may be another podcast in me. I thank everyone who has listened over the years.

To anyone new who has stumbled onto this blog, I encourage you to download all the episodes, so you can listen to them at your leisure.

Take care in these troubling times and be skeptical of everything from official mouths!

Chad C.