The Red Pill 2051_4/30/12

The richer you are, the more unethical you will behave. That is the “brilliant” conclusion to a recent study out of U of California’s Department of Psychology. I did not know we needed continued research in this particular area of interest. But are the rich truly unethical, or are they simply playing by different rules than us “normal” people. To a true psychopath, rules are made to be bent or broken, so it is really that surprising the the wealthy elite of this world behave however they wish? Sounds like a good premise for a reality TV show. Oh wait, we already have the Kardashians.

The obvious results of such concentrated psychopathic behavior are the atrocities that are occurring all around us. Most people would agree that genocides, wars, political repressions, manufactured famines, organ harvesting, sexual abuse, etc., constitute atrocities. But what about the less obvious acts perpetrated on the unsuspecting public, like mass vaccinations, economic collapse, GMO and nanomaterial foods, pesticides, bad water, and propaganda teaching our kids that humans need not exist anymore. Do these examples constitute atrocities? Well, our beloved government has started yet another interagency investigatory board to “prevent” atrocities. Let’s see how they do.

Higher social class predicts unethical behavior (only abstract, my link is broken)

Suicide by economic crisis

Introducing the Atrocities Prevention Board

Doctors’ suicides focuses Chinese public on organ harvesting

Untested polio vaccine causing polio-like paralysis

FDA proposes new guidelines for nanomaterials in food and cosmetics

This 12 year old think that human should no longer exist

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The Red Pill 2051_4/18/12

Today’s talk is more scattershot than usual. Topics include, cellphone surveillance, fighting back against political corruption, “global warming” hoax, population control, the control of science and American communism.

New Microchip for smartphones to provide unprecedented location data

Ron Paul wins do-over caucus in St. Charles County, MO

Think less and become more conservative

Rebellion at NASA against global warming

Peter Singer: “I do not think we need more human beings on the planet”

Scientific retractions increasing exponentially

Portland State University offering “Revolutionary Marxism” course


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Agenda 21 in action

This is a very important story to pass around. Agenda 21 is not some grand scheme that will be sprung on an unsuspecting public sometime in the near future. It is happening right now in your favorite city or idyllic little town. Roswell, GA is not a member of ICLEI, but it really doesn’t matter. Agenda 21 has been well propagated throughout the world and small-minded, politically correct bureaucrats know which way the wind is blowing.

Andrew Wordes vs. City of Roswell, GA

The Red Pill 2051_4/10/12

The Red Pill 2051 podcast has returned! There was so much to talk about that I won’t burden you with my usual descriptive introduction. Suffice it to say, the Great Work continues and is becoming more obvious by the day. It didn’t take me long to get back in the swing of things.

(For those interested, the outro song is call “Comrade Scientists” by Valdimir Vissotski. A translation can be found on this site:) Vissotski translations

Google Floor Plan App

Google+ New Ghost Profiling

Sentient World: war games on the grandest scale

Scientist created hybrid H5N1-Swine flu virus

Human Engineering and Climate Change (Oxford)

New Taser camera and tech

The killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr

Russia’s new “zombie gun” program

Homelessness becomes a crime in Hungary (communism still running strong)

Russian man facing life in prison for killing home invaders

Earth’s clouds are getting lower (I wonder why?)


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A much needed hiatus

After battling bouts of insomnia through most of March, my brain, understandably, shut down. It was difficult enough just to get out of bed and go to work, let alone sift through pages and pages of bad news.
Yet, by tuning out the noise from the internet and TV, I found myself attracted to the study of the ancient mystery religions and their connection to Freemasonry. It all started when I began listening to William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the subject. Now, I am not one to believe what anyone says, so I have been spending my free time at local libraries and bookstores, finding and reading through as much of William Cooper’s source material as I can find. I am far from fluent in the subject, as it is a tangled mess of facts and myths, but as I travel farther down this road, I think this subject is very important to understanding the perceived insanity in our current times. I cannot quite verbalize my reasons at the moment, but rest assured, I will be doing future podcasts on this subject.
The more I learn, the less I feel I know. Sometimes it can be very frustrating, but ultimately it is a worthwhile journey to undertake. I will be returning with my regular talks soon.

Take care.

Archive of William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon talks (if any of you are interested)