The Red Pill 2051_7/22/12

This month, Rolling Stone magazine published an article entitled, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” by Bill McKibben. Considering that the majority of the U.S. has been in an extended heat wave this summer, I decided that I should talk about the weather a bit and while I’m at it, poke some holes in the global warming theory. Everyone should really pay attention to the green agenda, before it begins to dominate all of our lives.


Global Warming’s Terrify New Math (be very afraid)

Era of oil abundance?

Crime on the high seas-committed for decades by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy

Collusion of the climate crowd (not read, but interesting)

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The Red Pill 2051_4/10/12

The Red Pill 2051 podcast has returned! There was so much to talk about that I won’t burden you with my usual descriptive introduction. Suffice it to say, the Great Work continues and is becoming more obvious by the day. It didn’t take me long to get back in the swing of things.

(For those interested, the outro song is call “Comrade Scientists” by Valdimir Vissotski. A translation can be found on this site:) Vissotski translations

Google Floor Plan App

Google+ New Ghost Profiling

Sentient World: war games on the grandest scale

Scientist created hybrid H5N1-Swine flu virus

Human Engineering and Climate Change (Oxford)

New Taser camera and tech

The killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr

Russia’s new “zombie gun” program

Homelessness becomes a crime in Hungary (communism still running strong)

Russian man facing life in prison for killing home invaders

Earth’s clouds are getting lower (I wonder why?)


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The Red Pill 2051_3/7/12

It seems the change agents in the educational system don’t have enough to do anymore. The current educational model is antiquated and inefficient, according to the Ford Foundation and its NGO, the National Center for Time and Learning. In order to bring education into the 21st century, the school day and year must be extended. There are just too many children on the streets, doing drugs, having sex and committing crimes. They need to be herded into schools for more indoctrination. With all that extra time, the school can add some humanist morality to the curriculum. Of course, the parents will benefit by being able to spend more time at work without having to think about their children. Better yet, why not have a post birth abortion and save yourself the headache?

For those of you who think democracy is a workable system, a couple of scientists have a bone to pick with you.

If you find all this too much to take, the Dutch have legalized euthenasia and they’ll even come to your house, granted you have a terminal condition. (I’m sure that little detail will fall by the wayside in the future.) If you’re the thrill-seeking type, a Lithuanian roller coaster designer may be looking for capital to build his “killer” coaster.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, NASA scientist say the clouds above us are getting lower. If only they heard of chemtrails, then maybe the news wouldn’t be so shocking.

Ford Foundation Speech on Expanded School Time

Schools should teach humanistic morality

Are people too dumb for Democracy to work?

Ethicists argue for post birth abortions

Dutch launch mobile euthanasia teams

A concept roller coaster that can kill you

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The Red Pill 2051_7/16/11

This is my last podcast from Seattle. It’s a bittersweet departure, but it’s time for me to leave the emerald city behind and start a new life. I’m going to take a few weeks to relax and recharge. Take care and we’ll be back soon.

(Big thanks to listener, Justin for the beautiful new logo!)

How surveillance changes your behavior

Cisco said to aid China with surveillance project

A shot in the back, or how stupidly people trust medical professionals

How DNA evidence can be faked

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The Red Pill 2051_6/7/11

Erik has returned for this week. Topics include the insecurity of our food, the volatile weather, the degrading economy and an insight into the minds of the ruling elite.

Weather as a force multiplier: Owning the weather by 2025

Floods, Droughts are the “New Normal”

The New Geopolitics of Food

GM crops have been failing across EU

GM food toxins found in blood of 93% of unborn babies

Nestle buys Prometheus Labs

10 tipping points that could plunge the world into economic chaos

British royalty dined on human flesh 300 years ago

Mexican drug gangs building own tanks

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The Red Pill 2051_4/18/11

As a totalitarian regime manifests, it must rewrite and/or obliterate the cultural history of its subjects, so that its power can appear eternal, and therefore, infallible. George Orwell exposed this technique in “1984” and now we’re beginning to see its use throughout the world. But that’s not good enough for the global elite. They also feel the need to kill us off and bring our population down to a more manageable level. What better way than to poison the well and affect the weather, causing droughts or floods? You know, real wrath of God stuff. But it doesn’t stop there. As health and wealth decline, people tend to become upset about reality and start to question whether or not this is the right path. Our “illustrious” leaders will have no opposition, so they implement large-scale spying operations, in order to “get to know us” better, understand what our grievances are and respond appropriately, thus lulling the masses back to sleep. And you thought the iPhone 4 was just for your entertainment.

China TV censorship crack down on time travel plots

Chromium-6 in water supplies around the country

Scientists find FIRST evidence that weather affects tectonic plate movement

Gun control advocates win rare victory in budget deal

Lifelapse aims to give your whole day and instant replay

Final Cut on IMDB (coincidence?)

Creepy iPhone 4 facetime glitch

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The Red Pill 2051_4/10/11

On today’s talk, Erik and I cover a wide variety of topics from the death of bee colonies, poisonous food additives, the dangers of vaccines, the scam of global warming and/or climate change and our over reliance on technology. This all sounds pretty bleak, but we need to be aware of the dangers around us if we’re going to do anything about them. Don’t lose heart and keep speaking out to people who will listen!

Industries war on nature: What the bees are telling us

Aspartame – To DIEt or not to DIEt, the sweet little killer

Flu shots and brain damage

U.N.:Global warming could cause ‘climate chaos’

‘Slow onset’ climate change could threaten food security

Doctors urged to take climate leadership role

Portugal on brink of EU bailout

U.K. scientists warn of ‘dangerous over-reliance’ on GPS

The Navy’s invisible laser (not very fair, huh?)

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