The Red Pill 2051_9/5/13

I had planned to finish my report on Civilized Man’s Eight Deadly Sins by Konrad Lorenz, but I bit off a bit more than I could chew, so the last part will be coming next week.


The next two sins on Mr. Lorenz’s list are Entropy of Feeling and Genetic Decay. The author makes some very interesting assertions about these two “civilization” diseases that warrant our attention. I hope you find something useful in today’s podcast.

Half of the U.S. lives in just 146 of the biggest counties (No wonder people believe in overpopulation)

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The Red Pill 2051_4/30/12

The richer you are, the more unethical you will behave. That is the “brilliant” conclusion to a recent study out of U of California’s Department of Psychology. I did not know we needed continued research in this particular area of interest. But are the rich truly unethical, or are they simply playing by different rules than us “normal” people. To a true psychopath, rules are made to be bent or broken, so it is really that surprising the the wealthy elite of this world behave however they wish? Sounds like a good premise for a reality TV show. Oh wait, we already have the Kardashians.

The obvious results of such concentrated psychopathic behavior are the atrocities that are occurring all around us. Most people would agree that genocides, wars, political repressions, manufactured famines, organ harvesting, sexual abuse, etc., constitute atrocities. But what about the less obvious acts perpetrated on the unsuspecting public, like mass vaccinations, economic collapse, GMO and nanomaterial foods, pesticides, bad water, and propaganda teaching our kids that humans need not exist anymore. Do these examples constitute atrocities? Well, our beloved government has started yet another interagency investigatory board to “prevent” atrocities. Let’s see how they do.

Higher social class predicts unethical behavior (only abstract, my link is broken)

Suicide by economic crisis

Introducing the Atrocities Prevention Board

Doctors’ suicides focuses Chinese public on organ harvesting

Untested polio vaccine causing polio-like paralysis

FDA proposes new guidelines for nanomaterials in food and cosmetics

This 12 year old think that human should no longer exist

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The Red Pill 2051_2/26/12

China is the U.N.’s model state for the world. Such high praise comes with a steep price, though; crushing bureaucracy, rampant corporatism, poisoned air, food and water. That doesn’t sound like a great deal to me and I doubt to most Americans. But that is the reality in present day China. Over in Britain, the facade of civility continues to crack and expose the psychopathic tendencies of the ruling class. The Third Reich is alive and has a British accent. Nathaniel Rothschild has lost a libel case that exposes the inner workings of political power and finance. The details shouldn’t really surprise anyone with a functioning brain. But it’s all just coincidence, right?

BASIC countries oppose EU carbon tax

After Chinese river poisoned, doctors forbidden from diagnosing

The priviledges of Communist elite include purified air

Outrage as Chinese company buys up New Zealand dairy farms

Tory MP and a Nazi stag party

Rothschild loses libel case and reveals secret world of finance and politics

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The Red Pill 2051_4/6/11

For anybody with even a vague sense of history, it is easy to see that the United Nations is simply a reintroduction of the League of Nations. I just finished a book called, “Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House: A personality study”, in which the authors give a good argument of why the United States did not enter the League after WWI; the war to end all wars, supposedly. But the book also gives insight into the role of the technocrat, that enigmatic figure who shuns the limelight of the press, but works tirelessly to exercise his/her power over public leaders. Colonel Mandell House was just one of many such technocrats, but his role in Wilson’s presidency was unprecedented at the time. I highly recommend the book. Here in Seattle, I came across a flyer from the Revolutionary Communist Party of the U.S.A. Again, anyone with a vague sense of history of the past 100 years will scoff at the idea that communism works, but this little pamphlet doesn’t care about you. It’s designed to speak to the young and disenfranchised, of which there are many. If you know anyone who is entertaining the idea of communism as a means to a better life, please direct them to this episode for a little more information.

Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House: A personality study at Amazon (easily attainable at your public library)

Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80th birthday extravaganza!

Free Bob Avakian

Harun Yahya: The bloody history of communism

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The Red Pill 2051_3/16/11

In this great ‘Age of Transition’, the chaos continues to build towards the breaking point. In a matter of weeks, the masses have forgotten about the explosive revolution in Egypt and its fallout and now all attention is focused on Japan. Whether this tragedy was natural or man-made is up for debate and we’ll probably never know, but what is more amazing is how most people have seemed to have forgotten about Katrina and the Southeast Asian tsunami which happened not that long ago. No one talks about the mass murder happening the Middle East by the hands of our own sons and daughters. Somehow that doesn’t count.

Most people can’t handle one crisis after another, so the older ones have to be deleted from the memory banks.

But while we here in the U.S. focus on Japan, we ignore our own suffering and give up more and more control over our own lives. What happened in Japan will pale in comparison to the coming future as our food becomes more toxic, our immune systems shut down and scientifically designed diseases are unleashed on the unsuspecting public. Of course, to the masses, this will all just seem natural and inevitable. Good little socialized citizens believe what their media tells them to believe.

Communism/Socialism: Great idea, wrong species

NHS staff are rude, arrogant and lazy, poll shows

Dangers of GM alfafa

Monsanto shifts ALL liability to farmers

Milk from cloned cows given green light in U.K.

GM chickens that could prevent spread of bird flu (Here we go again…)

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The Red Pill 2051_3/8/11

The dialectic technique is being utilized to its maximum efficiency as evidenced with David Cameron’s recent trip to Kuwait as a chaperone for British arms manufacturers. And his reaction to public criticism is priceless! Not far away, Iran is prepping to use Chinese made anti-riot vehicles when protests begin to break out in the near future. Why didn’t we see these things in Egypt? What evil dictator wouldn’t want to use such dastardly devices, I ask? NASA has an insane solution for global warming that only needs a small amount of the world’s nuclear weapons. That sounds safe…
Even though the Brits have curbed their energy use over the past decade, it’s still not good enough for the EU technocrats pushing towards global depopulation. But that plan is rolling right along as more and more people slip into near starvation poverty due to rising food costs. Thanks for the warning, World Bank. Never fear, because the governments of the world want to make you happier and what better way to do that than to take another survey. Smoking pariahs have been targeted in Honduras, further separating people from one another and virtual police are into your Facebook account, just in case you’re bullying someone. Just another day in the lives of the profane.

David Cameron defends sales of weapons to Middle East

Tehran uses China’s high-tech trucks to squash protests

Various anti-riot vehicles from different times and places

Could a small nuclear war stop global warming?

UK energy use fell by 5% in eight years

Food prices pushes 44 million more people into poverty

How are you? UK government wants to know

In Honduras, family members can turn you in for smoking in your own home

Virtual police hunt for cyber bullies on Facebook

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The Red Pill 2051_2/22/11

The flames of “revolution” are sweeping across the Middle East. But if the people are just the kindling to start the fire, who struck the spark? There a few letters of the alphabet that Erik and I can think of, but you can read and decide for yourself.
The slang term “sheeple” has taken on a whole new dimension now that a Cambridge scientist has discovered, much to his surprise, that sheep are as smart as humans. Is anyone else offended, or is it just me?
Though its become routine in these totalitarian days, we look at a few devious ways the rulers steal our hard-earned money, silence our voices, spy on us and blame us for the weather.

Activist Forward March

Sheep are as smart as humans

CIA Coup-College: Recycled revolutionary “props”

Rich take from the poor as U.S. subsidy law funds luxury hotels

10 way in which Google runs the world

In Arguments on Corporate Speech, the Press Is a Problem

The world will get warmer; deal with it

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