The Red Pill 2051_9/12/13

Today’s podcast is an assortment of articles I have collected over the past few months that I feel I need to address. I will be out of town for the next ten days, but I will return as soon as possible.


What our conspiracies say about us

Brzezinski and alternative media

The CIA and the media

Canada and Mexico become part of the ‘homeland’ during NSA Senate briefing

Biotech propaganda in children’s cartoons

Nanotech food test may help expose chemtrail poisoning

Warren Buffet’s son says money doesn’t solve everything

On the phenomena of BS jobs

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The Red Pill 2051_3/7/12

It seems the change agents in the educational system don’t have enough to do anymore. The current educational model is antiquated and inefficient, according to the Ford Foundation and its NGO, the National Center for Time and Learning. In order to bring education into the 21st century, the school day and year must be extended. There are just too many children on the streets, doing drugs, having sex and committing crimes. They need to be herded into schools for more indoctrination. With all that extra time, the school can add some humanist morality to the curriculum. Of course, the parents will benefit by being able to spend more time at work without having to think about their children. Better yet, why not have a post birth abortion and save yourself the headache?

For those of you who think democracy is a workable system, a couple of scientists have a bone to pick with you.

If you find all this too much to take, the Dutch have legalized euthenasia and they’ll even come to your house, granted you have a terminal condition. (I’m sure that little detail will fall by the wayside in the future.) If you’re the thrill-seeking type, a Lithuanian roller coaster designer may be looking for capital to build his “killer” coaster.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, NASA scientist say the clouds above us are getting lower. If only they heard of chemtrails, then maybe the news wouldn’t be so shocking.

Ford Foundation Speech on Expanded School Time

Schools should teach humanistic morality

Are people too dumb for Democracy to work?

Ethicists argue for post birth abortions

Dutch launch mobile euthanasia teams

A concept roller coaster that can kill you

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The Red Pill 2051_2/5/11

The turmoil in Egypt continues, but was the cause really just tyranny, or perhaps rising food costs? The CFR points to food and considering that organization is responsible for planning the future, I’ll go with their assessment. Now that the housing bubble has burst, we’re hearing the first utterances that the food bubble is next. Crop shortages have nothing to do with GMO seeds, toxic pesticides, or even weather manipulation. At least, that’s what the media tells us. On top of all this we’re experiencing ‘Global Burnout Syndrome’ as coined by the head of the World Economic Forum this past month. It’s amazing how quickly all these events happen! In the short span of 10 years, we’ve gone from abundance to austerity, peace to chaos, and, of course, we’re to blame.

Food Prices and Instability

Governments stockpiling food

When will the food bubble burst?

Bio of founder of Earth Policy Institute

Genetically modified alfalfa approved by our friends from the USDA

Methyl Iodide use approved in California

‘Global Burnout Syndrome’ may hurt recovery

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