The Red Pill 2051_9/12/13

Today’s podcast is an assortment of articles I have collected over the past few months that I feel I need to address. I will be out of town for the next ten days, but I will return as soon as possible.


What our conspiracies say about us

Brzezinski and alternative media

The CIA and the media

Canada and Mexico become part of the ‘homeland’ during NSA Senate briefing

Biotech propaganda in children’s cartoons

Nanotech food test may help expose chemtrail poisoning

Warren Buffet’s son says money doesn’t solve everything

On the phenomena of BS jobs

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The Red Pill 2051_4/18/12

Today’s talk is more scattershot than usual. Topics include, cellphone surveillance, fighting back against political corruption, “global warming” hoax, population control, the control of science and American communism.

New Microchip for smartphones to provide unprecedented location data

Ron Paul wins do-over caucus in St. Charles County, MO

Think less and become more conservative

Rebellion at NASA against global warming

Peter Singer: “I do not think we need more human beings on the planet”

Scientific retractions increasing exponentially

Portland State University offering “Revolutionary Marxism” course


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The Red Pill 2051_3/7/12

It seems the change agents in the educational system don’t have enough to do anymore. The current educational model is antiquated and inefficient, according to the Ford Foundation and its NGO, the National Center for Time and Learning. In order to bring education into the 21st century, the school day and year must be extended. There are just too many children on the streets, doing drugs, having sex and committing crimes. They need to be herded into schools for more indoctrination. With all that extra time, the school can add some humanist morality to the curriculum. Of course, the parents will benefit by being able to spend more time at work without having to think about their children. Better yet, why not have a post birth abortion and save yourself the headache?

For those of you who think democracy is a workable system, a couple of scientists have a bone to pick with you.

If you find all this too much to take, the Dutch have legalized euthenasia and they’ll even come to your house, granted you have a terminal condition. (I’m sure that little detail will fall by the wayside in the future.) If you’re the thrill-seeking type, a Lithuanian roller coaster designer may be looking for capital to build his “killer” coaster.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, NASA scientist say the clouds above us are getting lower. If only they heard of chemtrails, then maybe the news wouldn’t be so shocking.

Ford Foundation Speech on Expanded School Time

Schools should teach humanistic morality

Are people too dumb for Democracy to work?

Ethicists argue for post birth abortions

Dutch launch mobile euthanasia teams

A concept roller coaster that can kill you

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The Red Pill 2051_10/17/11

Occupy Wall Street is sweeping the nation, but what is the goal? The people’s anger is justified, but without a concrete plan, they can easily be led astray. Now, we’re hearing demands that wealth should be redistributed. If you took the time to read Marx and Engels, you would realize that such a step is a plank of the communist manifesto. And most of us know what happened to the people of the Soviet Union. So the people are angry at the government supported corporate welfare, but yet they are demanding welfare for themselves from the very government that duped them in the first place. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome! But there is more going on than what we see on Wall Street. The media, for the most part, is silent about the small number of corporations that control the world’s food supply. Yet, it seems everyday we are reminded that our food security is threatened. But that won’t stop them from taxing us more on the food we all need to live. Corporate greed is government greed and vice versa, but accumulation of wealth isn’t the end game. It’s only a means of control.

OWS: Are Mindless Americans Falling Prey to the New Revolution Business and Its Collectivist Trap?

“Anti-Capitalist” aren’t adverse to Starbucks and Coca-Cola

Foodies: Get Thee to Occupy Wall Street

‘Food Insecurity’ comes to London

Denmark’s new fancy “fat tax”

Greece acknowledges austerity failing, because of austerity

Nevada’s big bet on secrecy (Corporate secrecy, that is)

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The Red Pill 2051_4/6/11

For anybody with even a vague sense of history, it is easy to see that the United Nations is simply a reintroduction of the League of Nations. I just finished a book called, “Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House: A personality study”, in which the authors give a good argument of why the United States did not enter the League after WWI; the war to end all wars, supposedly. But the book also gives insight into the role of the technocrat, that enigmatic figure who shuns the limelight of the press, but works tirelessly to exercise his/her power over public leaders. Colonel Mandell House was just one of many such technocrats, but his role in Wilson’s presidency was unprecedented at the time. I highly recommend the book. Here in Seattle, I came across a flyer from the Revolutionary Communist Party of the U.S.A. Again, anyone with a vague sense of history of the past 100 years will scoff at the idea that communism works, but this little pamphlet doesn’t care about you. It’s designed to speak to the young and disenfranchised, of which there are many. If you know anyone who is entertaining the idea of communism as a means to a better life, please direct them to this episode for a little more information.

Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House: A personality study at Amazon (easily attainable at your public library)

Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80th birthday extravaganza!

Free Bob Avakian

Harun Yahya: The bloody history of communism

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The Red Pill 2051_The Story so far…Part 2

Part 2 of my talk from the first chapter of Ted Flynn’s book, “Hope for the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World”, which takes us all the way to 2000. Hopefully by now, you have understood that there is nothing new about it.

California wants lesbians as mandatory ‘role’ models

Hope for the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World by Ted Flynn

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The Red Pill 2051_The Story so far…Part I

The real danger to all of us is the highly organized cabal of powerful individuals who have spent exorbitant amounts of money and time shaping our thoughts and opinions over successive generations. Carroll Quigley wrote about these personages and the organizations they created many decades ago for this purpose. On today’s talk, I read and comment on the first chapter of “Hope for the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World” by Ted Flynn. I highly recommend this book as a primer from which to launch your own investigation into the forces that shape our reality.

Homefront opening sequence and another example of predictive programming:

Aldous Huxley interview with Dan Rather:

Hope for the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World by Ted Flynn
Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley

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