The Red Pill 2051_8/9/2010

Wheat prices rise as the Russian countryside burns and the Canadian bread basket bakes, but it has little to do with the lack of the crop itself. We all need protein to live, but cows are becoming too costly to raise and damage the environment to boot, it seems, but the U.N. has a plan to have us all eating bugs in the future. The “freedom” of the internet isn’t as free as one might think and its censorship can be realized by various methods. The children of the western world have been and are being trained to become the enforcers of the new order through toys and video games. Isn’t progress wonderful?

Wheat supplies and food fears

Humanity needs to eat bugs, says U.N. policy paper

Samizdat to Twitter

Google and Verizon on net neutrality

The new Nerf N-Strike family fun gun

CIA drone guy becomes new top spy

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The Red Pill 2051_7/26/10

Hinduism and science have been blended together to conceal from the masses from the horrors unfolding. We have been under attack for a long time, but only recently has it become more obvious. We’re told to stop reproducing, to stop driving and consuming for the good of the planet, but the media doesn’t tell us that this has all been planned out in the U.N.. Agenda 21 and The First Global Revolution spell it out in detail.

Are Eastern religions more science friendly?

TV adverts for abortion on UK tele

Laptop, Wi-Fi radiation may affect male fertility

Fruits and veggies losing nutrients

Public transit cuts force drivers back into their cars

Road Pricing ‘inevitable’ says RAC

Royal Automobile Club Foundation

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