After some consideration…

I’ve decided to leave the site up as it stands and a much cheaper plan that wasn’t available last time I checked allows me to keep the podcast up and running for now.  There is a lot of great archived information on this site and it would be foolish to take it down.


8 responses to “After some consideration…

  1. Hi Chad,

    Just wondering if you had come across the news that the Baltimore police are now using military grade equipment to spy on their citizens? I remember you discussing the premise of this type of technology begin used against Americans in one of your older podcast.

    The articles are pretty self explanatory. In a nutshell, it turns out that the Baltimore police have been using spying technology designed and utilized in Iraq since mid 2000’s. The spy planes have been in use and recording data over Baltimore since January this year and their use has only just been made public. As always the use of this technology is for the protection of the average citizen who should have nothing to fear if they are doing nothing wrong.

    On a side note, I must say that America appears to be in a very bad state at the moment. It’s unfortunate that of the roughly 330 million people in America the two best candidates that can be present to the people are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. However, I understand that this two people have obviously been selected by the parallel government (CFR, et al) for reasons of their choosing.

    B in Australia

  2. Hi Chad,

    I remember you discussing the topic that one day military equipment used in the Middle East would make its way back to America for use by the government on their own citizens. I’m sure it has been happening for some time but below is a recent example:

    The articles are pretty straight forward and self explanatory. In a nutshell spy plane surveillance technology that was design and manufactured for use in Iraq war has now been leased to the Baltimore Police Department. The surveillance has been underway since January 2016 and has only recently come to light. The use of Baltimore was sighted due to the high crime rate and recent rioting against police. As always, they collect the data on everyone and use the same old line that they only use it for people who commit criminal offenses and the privacy of the general public is protected. However, it is not a stretch to imagine that the data from this kind of reconnaissance is being store for later analysis.

    B in Australia

    • Hi B,
      I apologize for the late reply. Yes, life here in the Good ol’ USA is pretty crazy right now. We are having the agenda shoved down our throats and they don’t even have the decency to give good presidential candidates. How is Australia?

      • Things down here are so-so. We just recently had an election in July and had the choice of either a faux centre right Conservative candidate in Malcolm Turnbull (a Rhodes Scholar) or the card carrying Fabian member from the left side of politics, Bill Shorten. It is interesting to note that every Australian Prime Minister, since 1972 up until 2013 has been a member of the Fabian society which should indicate which direction the country is gradual heading. Although the majority of the population would not have heard of the Fabian Society or even know of their motivations or intentions. In the end we wound up with Malcolm Turnbull by a small majority, so the government is basically ineffectual for the next 3 years as they will struggle to pass any legislation in their own right.

        On the positive side, the results of this election have shown that a lot more people are willing to vote for independents or minor parties as opposed to the two major ones. Hopefully this is an indication that people are waking up to the fraud of a “democracy” that utilises a two-party system where the two major parties work in concert with each other and continue to propagate mistruths to the people. This, however, is being portrayed in the media as the most heinous of travesties and anyone that didn’t vote for one of the two main parties has left the government weak and open to having to deals with independent parties before they can pass legislation. The minor parties are also being bombarded with very subtle negative press in an attempt to disenfranchise people from voting for them in the next election.

        Due to the slowdown in the world economy and a drop in commodity prices we have seen a pullback in our mining industry which is the largest driver of wealth in Australia (especially since our manufacturing sector has all but been destroyed and shipped offshore). This has had a knock on effect with rising underemployment/unemployment and a reduction in investment spending. However, the underemployment has been masked by the creation of additional part-time and casual positions which although provide jobs they are not the type that are able to sustain the high cost of living in Australia.

        There is also the other issues of a potential housing bubble, that is in part being fueled by foreign buyers (mostly Chinese) and the sale of our cattle, dairy and grain farms to foreign investors (again mostly Chinese investors). Every so often a deal will be knocked back by the government, “for the best interests of Australia”, but I think these are just token gestures for the public so it doesn’t look so obvious that our ability to feed ourselves is being slowly eroded.

        Sorry for the rather down beat post but it just seems like things are heading in a worse direction for the average person at the bottom. The only thing that seems to keep most people going is that they continue to hope for the economy to pick up while they watch crappy TV shows.

  3. Hi Chad,

    So it seems the planned brain chip roll-out is set for around 2029. The interviewee in the article, Ray Kurzweil, believes that they will make us funnier, smarter and sexier. Talk about selling an a pipe dream. I also love how with these guys it’s always “unavoidable” that we have to have implants or be overrun by computers. Not a great source being the Daily Mail online but I would imagine it has been put on there as a predictive programming type of article.

    Article link:

    • Once again, I apologize for the very late reply. I got a new phone and didn’t instal WordPress for a while. Obviously, I’m not surprised by Kurzweil, but with the pressure they are putting on us, I’m more than a little frightened that the young ones will buy into this bullshit with little resistance.

  4. Those brain chips just keep getting promoted. Yet another article extolling the virtues of the coming brain/computer interface with DARPA splashing out $65 million for research.

    However, as some condolence, at least the majority of comments seem to be against this type of technology. If you look at the current top rated comment, it is very much in line with what you have previously talked about in regards to re-searching a particular technology.

    I think the following snippet from the comment sums up what goes on with this type of technology quite succinctly:
    “They must’ve had success, now they need to ‘re-invent’ that technology publicly. Not the cutting edge stuff, just what they need for their current plans.”

  5. Hey Chad its me juan. We spoke a few times on phone. Last i heard from ya you where on your bike traveling. Id like to talk some if you’re still out there. Send me an email. or txt me. ocho, trees, dos, seis, nueve, seis, siete, quatro, seis, quatro.

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