The Red Pill 2051_9/3/13

I do apologize that so much time has passed since I last posted a podcast. This was not my intention, but circumstances beyond my control forced me to take a hiatus. On the other hand, looking back on the past year, I needed this time to reflect on all that I had learned up to this point in my investigations.


I begin this second phase of my podcast with another book report. I came across a book called Civilized Man’s Eight Deadly Sins by Konrad Lorenz at a little bookstore in rural West Virginia. Once I finally got around to reading it, I felt I should share the ideas in this book with you. It is a short book, but very dense, so I decided to split it into two podcasts. In this first part, I cover the first three sins according to Mr. Lorenz; Overpopulation, Devastation of the Environment and Man’s Race Against Himself. I explore what I think Mr. Lorenz gets right and what he misinterprets, in my opinion.

Civilized Man’s Eight Deadly Sins (Amazon)

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