An update for the new year

Hello all,
I wanted to remind my visitors that I am still alive and well. I will be in Hawaii until June, which means that the podcast will not return until then. My archived talks will remain up in the interim, of course.

Even though, I haven’t been doing the podcast, I continue to scan the news for interesting articles that hint to the direction this system seems to be heading. Here are some of them.

IMF’s epic plan to conjure away debt I got a good chuckle from this article. This is yet another example of the dialectical game that is played on the public. The fallacy in the article’s argument lies in the ignorance of how and why the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve were created. If these institutions actually worked for the public benefit, the plan laid out here would probably work.

World Bank warns of 4 degree theshhold I don’t have much to say about this article, except that it is more doom and gloom about the environment. Funny, I don’t hear much about rising sea levels out here in the middle of the Pacific.

Scientists confirm that homosexuality is not genetic, but epigentic
I have many friends who are homosexuals. This is a very touchy subject to bring up in conversation, but what this article states is true, except for the omission of certain chemicals like BPA and phthalates. You can link to the actual paper here and see if I missed something.

1/4 of Japanese men between the ages of 30-34 are still virgins The Japanese government is very worried about the country’s population decline, as it should be.

Big Food corporations are making us fat> Not to be glib, but DUH.

China forces internet browser to register real name The president has mentioned such a requirement a couple of years ago. We’ll see when and if it will be implemented in the States.

How many have died because of the FDA? Granted, is a right leaning website, but the author does make some intriguing points. One subject the author does not touch upon is the fact that the FDA is staffed by people from big Pharma, similar to how Monsanto, DuPont, ADM and other big food corporations run the USDA.


5 responses to “An update for the new year

  1. Hi Chad,

    Glad to hear you are still doing well. I thought that these articles might be of some interest to you (and possibly others) if you hadn’t come across them yet.

    Hillary Clinton tries to silence Bindi Irwin on population growth:
    The push for population control is still alive and well, this time coming from the mouth of a 14 year old. The scariest part is that the majority of comments are in favour of population control, however they never seem to include themselves or their families in the equation. By no coincidence, on the same day, a similar article featuring the teachings of David Attenborough, and the requirement for fewer humans was published on the same news site.
    Humans a plague on the Earth, says Sir David Attenborough:

    The four business gangs that run the US:
    I found this article interesting as it talks about many of the topics you have referred to in your previous podcasts, such as the link between the pharmaceutical industry and the health system, wall street and its ties to government and the military-industrial complex. However, it appears that the book to which the article refers, written by Professor Jeffery Sachs, is more a revelation of the method, and is merely providing segue to the next phase that the world is being transitioned into. A quick search of Professor Sachs, reveals that he is heavily involved with the U.N. and heads the Earth Institute, which appears to support the ethos of Agenda 21 (although not directly stated). If the groups to which he refers are so powerful, then surely a book that is a damning expose of them would never be allowed to be published, unless there was a given reason?

    ‘Google for spies’ draws ire from rights groups
    This article should be read by anyone that uses Facebook et al. It is becoming clearer that social media sites we never developed for the benefit of the people who use them, instead they are used as a tool to mine personal information for the benefit of both corporations and government. The CSIRO (Australia’s major science research agency) is also developing a similar tool, although not as complex. Supposedly it will be used to monitor emergency situations by tracking people’s twitter feeds, however there is no reason it cannot be used to monitor the general mood of the populace by the government.
    Government to get new software to spy on social media conversations:

    B in Australia

  2. Hi Chad,

    Just wondering how you are keeping. I hope you are doing well and will be back soon.

    B in Australia

    • Hi B,
      I’m still adjusting to life back home. I will be back soon, I promise. I’m just thinking through some possible changes.


    • Are you still out there, B? I haven’t come to my blog for quite some time. Life has been nuts for the past few years. Let me know if you’re still around.

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