Long overdue

To those long time listeners and newcomers, I want to remind you that I have not abandoned my little corner of the Internet. My life here in Hawaii has been chaotic as of late and now I find myself hunting for a new place to live. Needless to say, I haven’t had any time for the podcast or even research. I will be back in a few months. In the meantime, keep thinking for yourself.


4 responses to “Long overdue

  1. Hi Chad,

    I came across this recent article that talks about Professor Jorgen Randers, who was one of the authors of The Club of Rome’s “The Limits to Growth” back in 1972:
    In it he predicts that the middle classes of developed countries will lose most of their privileges by 2052, however, the peasants of developing nations such as China will be raised up, which is a theme that you have mentioned many times in your podcasts.

    For my mind this article clearly highlights the manipulation used by hardcore environmentalist to push for more authoritarian control of the public by scaring them into accepting their word as gospel. The following three quotes from the article clearly demonstrate the contradictory thinking that is going on

    1) China will be a success story because “it makes rational decisions even in the situation where a minority disagree” unlike democracies which get “stuck”.

    2) Professor Randers supports “eco-dictatorship” in the form of a global executive body with the authority to tell nations how much greenhouse gas they are permitted to emit (i.e. the U.N).

    3) Failure to stem carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will trigger temperature rises which could trigger unstoppable climate change.

    So to be clear, Professor Randers (and I assume others of the same ilk) promotes control of the masses by rule of a dictatorship, such as experienced by the people of China, which will in turn be able to control pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. The contradiction in his ideology arises from the fact that China has the highest rate of emissions of any country on the planet and this is forecast to grow well into 2030, see
    Thus from the graphs we can see that Professor Randers’s choice of China as a model state to emulate is in fact the worst system to control carbon dioxide emissions. If you look at the second graph on the page you will see that the best control of emissions is any country but China, with the (supposedly) democratically run United States only increasing emissions by around ~1,500 million metric tons (from 1990 – 2030), compared to China’s increase of ~9,400 million metric tons (from 1990 – 2030). Professor Randers’s logic that increased authoritarian control results in decreased carbon dioxide emissions is quite clearly flawed and yet still no one takes him to tasks on his assertions. Hopefully in the not too distant future people will start to realise that environmentalism has been hijacked (or was designed) only as a control mechanism for the people and not to save the planet.

    B in Australia

    • Hi B,
      It’s good to hear from you again.
      Perhaps I’m not understanding you correctly, but I see no contradiction in the professors logic. At the moment, China is being allowed to progress through their industrial movements unfettered, since they produce almost everything on the planet. If the middle class in the West is to be dismantled by 2052, it stands to reason that China will have little reason to continue its polluting ways. Without the middle class to buy all their cheap stuff, China will be forced to downsize, which will almost certainly mean adopting stricter emission controls.

      The Eco-dictatorship will eventually come around to everyone unless more people understand what is really going on.


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