The Red Pill 2051_7/22/12

This month, Rolling Stone magazine published an article entitled, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” by Bill McKibben. Considering that the majority of the U.S. has been in an extended heat wave this summer, I decided that I should talk about the weather a bit and while I’m at it, poke some holes in the global warming theory. Everyone should really pay attention to the green agenda, before it begins to dominate all of our lives.


Global Warming’s Terrify New Math (be very afraid)

Era of oil abundance?

Crime on the high seas-committed for decades by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy

Collusion of the climate crowd (not read, but interesting)

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3 responses to “The Red Pill 2051_7/22/12

  1. Hi Chad,

    People should view this article if they want to see what the green agenda is really about:
    It is fairly self-explanatory, you will be monitored and everything you do will be recorded in the name of environmentalism and saving the planet. Suffice it to say, as the opening sentence points out, you will have no privacy. This article is important because if you look at the Forums for the Future partners, there is a huge range of corporations that are linked with them, and that means access to power and money. I do find it amusing that the author only sees the benefits of this type of loss of freedoms, and concludes the article with a brief mention about who will control the information gathered. Forums for the Future also have four videos of what future cities may (and I’m sure in this one they hope) look like:

    This is a text book example of where Agenda 21 is leading. Note, no cars, no meat (all food controlled by a single corporation/government), your career assigned to you, and those that refuse to live this way are forced to live in ghetto type slums where they are punished with a lack of jobs and services.

    I have also noticed some businesses are fitting their buildings with real-time monitoring of gas, water and electricity use that is displayed for everyone to see. I can only imagine that this is to get people accustomed to this type of monitoring, so that when the time comes to have their own homes fitted it will seem almost passe and no one will object. This real-time monitoring in conjunction with new devices such as smart meters will give control of your utilities to the State (I imagine controlled on a rationing basis), rather than you paying for what you use. As Bertrand Russell mentioned in “The impact of Science on Society”, “I lived in America in a farm-house which depended entirely upon electricity, and sometimes, in a blizzard, the wires would be blown down. The resulting inconvenience was almost intolerable. If we had been deliberately cut off for being rebels, we should soon have had to give in.” As it stands now, we are essentially addicted to electricity, so it is not too hard to imagine that all those that object to changes by the State could be punished with either a lower ration of electricity/water/gas or none at all. In my mind being punished for simply disagreeing with the State is the very definition of fascism?

    B in Australia

    • Here is a link to an Australian company web site, Greensense, which provides technology for real-time monitoring of utility usage, as I was discussing above:
      For the moment this technology is only applied to businesses, however, I am sure in the fullness of time it will be applied to individual households. If you note towards the bottom of the page they say, “We can also provide a fully managed implementation service including supplying and implementing wireless sensor networks…,” i.e. it can be retrofitted to any existing building. I would imagine, that in the not too distant future, a law will be passed, to first ensure compulsory fitting of monitoring devices on new dwellings built, followed by requirements that all existing buildings when sold or rented/leased must have these devices fitted. The preconditioning of people accepting compulsory devices has already been set, as the government recently passed a similar law in regards to fitting homes with compulsory smoke detectors and RCD switches on new and existing homes (and of course how could you object to something that can potentially save lives). However, instead of people questioning the true motives behind this latest technology, I can envisage that people will fully embrace this further loss of freedom and privacy that is foisted upon us, under the all-encompassing guise of saving the planet.

      B in Australia

      • Hi B,
        Here in the States, a group of former Apple employees created this little device that memorized your habits and adjusts your thermostat accordingly. Ex-Apple employees rethink the household thermostat The device isn’t as overtly big brother as the tech described in your link, but it shows how by promoting “cool” new tech, people are duped into accepting monitoring. I would not be surprised if Microsoft develops similar tech with their Kinect device. The electronic eye never sleeps.

        Take care and thanks for keeping in touch,

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