The Red Pill 2051_7/13/12

In part two of my talk about “Lies My Teacher Told Me”, I explore the concept of heroification as it pertains to Christopher Columbus. Our high school history textbooks whitewash the atrocities perpetrated by Columbus and those who followed by (once again) blaming the victims. The Arawaks were to blame for their own demise. They should have developed better weapons, I guess. Columbus’ actions in the West Indies set a precedent that affects us to this day. We celebrate Thanksgiving by gorging on food and drink and praising the ingenuity of the Pilgrims, yet most do not know the truth behind the holiday. If they did, I do not think they would have much of an appetite. Then again, one has to be open to the truth in order to understand it. Such critical thought is not allowed in the classroom. Only blind obedience to authority, whether it be a teacher or the federal government.

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