Still here

I am in the process of helping my parents with some major home renovations, so my mind is elsewhere at the moment. The podcast will return in a few weeks.


3 responses to “Still here

  1. Hi Chad,

    Good to hear you are taking some time out and can relax, in a manner of speaking, for a while. Even in the short time that I have been fully awake to this system, I have found that I need to shut it out from time to time, just to regroup my own thoughts. Now that I am aware of the propaganda, it has become obvious how entrenched it is in everything that affects our lives and I can now see how much this impacts on the majority of people with them being completely oblivious to its existence.

    I read this article ( ) today and see that they have passed a law in the UK to now monitor everybody’s data from phone conversations to internet use. So begins the unabated collection of everyone’s information, for their own protection. They are trying to implement the very same policy here with phone records and internet activities to be collected on a database and stored initially for two years (which I assume will extend indefinitely once people forget that the law has been passed). This, the government says is to combat illegal activities and again the ubiquitous quote is trotted out, “if you have nothing hide, then you have nothing to fear”. I am not surprised at all that this type policy has been implemented and I assume that it will be a matter of time before security agencies start data mining people’s e-mail, facebook accounts and phone records to look for any untoward activity that may be frowned upon by the state.

    On another topic the Greeks go back to elections this weekend to try and elect a new government ( ). The Greeks themselves do not seem too optimistic with some stocking up on canned goods and a large run on banks with people withdrawing cash ( ). It appears though that the people of Greece in general are damned not matter who they vote for. If they vote for a government that supports staying in the EU and the austerity measures that this imposes then they are to be hit with crippling taxes and the probability of a loss of their sovereignty as a nation as the EU monster takes further control of their finances. On the other hand if they reject the austerity measures and reject the Euro they will plunged into absolute chaos and uncertainty (with no doubt an air of ‘I told you so’ from the other European nations, especially the Germans). This would be a particularly good warning for any other EU countries that may be considering defaulting on their debts and leaving the EU.

    The world is quickly morphing into a prison state, where soon you will not be able to have any opinion that differs from that which the controllers and the elites will allow us to have. Most people are unaware and seem to be quite happy to tow the line (as long as they have their gadgets and toys) of population control, sustainability and the ever invasive green agenda, after being indoctrinated over the years to believe that this is the only salvation for mankind. The days of freedom and expression of beliefs are drawing to a close, with only a small beacon of light being that of the small group of people that are aware to what is going on. Although from what I can make out, a lot of people seem to think it is simply a battle between socialism and capitalism, and merely take one side against the other. I strongly believe that both capitalism and socialism are systems that have been devised by the same group of elites and has been offered to the people as a difference to cause division, when in essences they both rely on the same monetary system to run and both ultimately end up controlling peoples lives one way or another.

    On a side topic, I have noticed an increase in media (both television and print) attention that extols the virtues of a vegan diet. I understand that a vegetarian diet is part of the plan, as you have mentioned many times and I have also read. I was just wondering if it is starting to be pushed hard in America as well? I have no problem with people having this kind of diet, but it seems that it is starting to gain prominence, and this particular branch of nutritionist is become quite vocal. I assume that this is just the first wave of noticeable propaganda here in Australia to get us ready for the upcoming loss of meat in our diets.

    B in Australia

    • Hi B,
      Once again, thank you for the article links. Concerning the first article, you’re right that most people simply think that if they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear. It is a “natural” response of a highly socialized person, who was taught to police themselves and those around them. Our truly natural tribal instincts are always used against us, aren’t they? On top of that, most people think our technology is the of the highest form and that there couldn’t possibly be hardware in existence that could sort through such a vast amount of information. If the technology doesn’t exist, then why bother passing such a law? It could just be a tactic for behavior modification, but what if it isn’t? What if the IBM (Eye-Beam), Apple or Google all have the capability to sift through loads of data and pick YOU for harassment or prison. As I’ll speak of shortly, Japan has passed a similar bill aimed at illegal downloading.

      I’ve known since day one that my blog and podcast are going to get me and people I love into trouble down the road, but I really have no choice in the matter.

      I don’t really know what to say about the Greek situation. It is a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ scenario, like you said.

      Regarding vegetarianism: The movement is quite strong here too, but is mostly centered in the big cities. Here in the Mid-West and in the South, meat is still king, but that will change with time, I’m sure. I agree with you that it doesn’t matter what people eat, just don’t make it a calling. I lived in Seattle for many years, which as you probably know is very liberal and progressive and green. With these attitudes comes, what I like to call, faux-Buddhism, Hinduism or the new Hippies. So vegetarianism is pushed through a lense of religiosity in many cases. But I see a twist coming down the road. Today, our Supreme Court ruled in favor of the individual mandate clause in Obama’s healthcare plan. In effect, everyone will be forced to buy health insurance or face a fine. It’s a great deal for the insurance companies that wrote the bill! There is still much controversy surrounding this mandate, but once people are bludgeoned into submission and the dust settles, I foresee our government pushing vegetarianism onto us with the help of the medical field.

      Take care,

  2. And it gets better, it appears that it is not good enough to just pass laws to monitor your online conversations, phone calls and internet activities, companies will have the option to track their employees as well.
    Google has released an app (Google Maps Coordinate) that for $15 a month allows an employer to turn a phone into a live tracking device. It is stated as being so accurate it can track someone inside a building (so that’s what the new smartphone microchips [Podcast 4/18/12] and Google Floor Plan App [Podcast 4/10/12] were for). For the lowly worker they have been given the option to turn the app off outside of work hours and will be given a notification of being monitored (how nice of big brother). So how long before this becomes standard on every phone as a security feature (i.e. to protect against stolen/lost phones), such that it is no longer an option but inbuilt. Furthermore are we to honestly believe that there is no way of hacking into the system or won’t be used for alliterative motives to monitor peoples movements without them being aware from the company that “accidentally” harvested peoples wifi data. They are working on getting the app ready to run on apple devices as well, so while people are given the illusion of a choice between rivals (apple vs android), there is in fact little difference.

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