The Red Pill 2051_5/9/12

“In all of history, there is no known case of anyone’s creating a problem for anyone else.” Francis FitzGerald (1979)

Since that is the impression most Americans get when they read school textbooks, it is no wonder that they continue to be fooled by the same techniques of control. But Americans aren’t the only ones fooled by power. Let’s look at France’s new President, Francois Hollande, the socialist who supposedly came onto the political scene from nowhere. It takes very little digging to see that he is connected with Jacques Attali, the Henry Kissinger of France, who wrote “Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order. Does this mean that France will now fully accept its E.U. overlords? Time will tell.
There is more sad news from China as capsules filled with the dried remains of dead babies are intercepted in South Korea. That’s not to say we don’t have our own problems here. Some rice being grown in Kansas since 2007 has been genetically modified with genes from human livers. Does that upset anyone?

Bio of Francois Hollande

Karl Marx was a capitalist

Greek government fracture because of austerity cuts

South Korea find smuggled capsules containing human flesh

Human genes engineered into experimental rice being grown in Kansas

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4 responses to “The Red Pill 2051_5/9/12

  1. Hi Chad,

    I know you have talked about foundations and the influence they have on directing political policy and that you have also mentioned the Reece Committee’s investigation into said foundations before, so I thought this video might be of some interest:

    In it G. Edward Griffin speaks candidly to Norman Dodd, the lead investigator of the Reece Committee, about the investigation, subsequent findings and finally its disbandment after it revealed that behind the facade, foundations had used their influence and power to play a crucial role in the influence of not only political leaders but also to redesign the educational institutions to suit their own ends.
    Although it doesn’t really contain any new information that you have not previously mentioned, I found it quite enlightening, and the fact that the foundations were allowed to continue to run unabated, and still do today is quite astonishing. I am also surprised that it has less than 500 views as it is obviously and important piece of history.
    One of the things that stood out in In the video was when Mr Dodd recounted sending a member of his team (who was unsympathetic to the setup of the Recce Committee in the first place) for a two week investigation to read the archived minutes of the Carnegie Foundation from its inception. On return she had changed her perspective and in Mr Dodd’s own words “had gone mad”. She had read that the members of the foundation had discussed various ways to change a nations attitude, with them concluding that wars were the most effective way (and look at what America still does today), citing that President Wilson was instructed that World War I should not be ended too soon. Also mentioned is how the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation’s implemented the current curriculum used to educated in America.

    B in Australia

    • Thanks B,
      I don’t spend much time on YouTube theses days, but I’m happy you embedded this video. I’m sure I would have “gone mad” reading what the big foundations have done to the fabric of societies around the world.

  2. It appears one way or another agenda 21 is going to be implemented to save us all, see this article:
    According to Chris Anderson (the founder of TED) the only future for humans is being crammed into tiny boxes and having no children, which is rather reminiscent of 1984. He neglects to mention that it is purposefully being made harder for those outside the cities. This article highlights exactly what you have been talking about in regards to control of the population. It is much easier for the powers that be to manage large populations if they are herded into a confined area. It’s funny he mentions New York City as a model to emulate for the future due to its low carbon emissions per person but neglects to mention the crime and standard of living that most people encounter.

    The propaganda machine is starting to ramp up and very soon the attitude of people will be to despise families that have more than one child, and no doubt larger families will start to incur higher taxes. So just like in China we will have a one child policy implemented by government the world over, with people believing that they are doing the right thing and saving the planet.

    House prices and rents are extremely high here in Australia at the moment and it appears only a matter of time until they start offering lower priced apartments close to the capital cities. I have also noticed that they have started to put more money into building more cycle paths and connections throughout the major cities and are starting to bring in more laws for cyclists, which people champion as being progressive and vital for any city. I have tried to explain to a few people that in the not too distant future that they are going to lose their car (due to government mandate or sheer running costs) and riding a bike or public transport are going to be the only means of travel and they look at me incredulously, replying that if they lose their car then so will all the politicians so it can’t happen. The things is, cars aren’t going to disappear until the ownership of a car in the minds of people is viewed as evil (after carefully manipulation by the media and state education), so by that time people will most likely be willing to give up their car, once again to save the planet.

  3. Hi B,
    I apologize for my late reply. I’m helping my parents with home renovations, so my thoughts are elsewhere. It’s funny that you bring up Agenda 21 and the whole population control issue, because where my parents live is surrounded by nothing but fields. In fact, our house has been the last house on the road for decades. Living out here, one wouldn’t know there was a population problem at all. Of course, the issue is we’re surrounded by just a few, heavily subsidized farmers, who have bought up all the land they could over the years. There are very few independent farmers left in this area and jobs are scarce, which means many people have moved to the cities. And a car is essential for living.

    Agenda 21 and the economic weapons it employs will eventually force everyone into St. Louis or Chicago. But like you said, the propoganda machine will convince people that the cities are the only place left to live and that they should be grateful.

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