The Red Pill 2051_4/30/12

The richer you are, the more unethical you will behave. That is the “brilliant” conclusion to a recent study out of U of California’s Department of Psychology. I did not know we needed continued research in this particular area of interest. But are the rich truly unethical, or are they simply playing by different rules than us “normal” people. To a true psychopath, rules are made to be bent or broken, so it is really that surprising the the wealthy elite of this world behave however they wish? Sounds like a good premise for a reality TV show. Oh wait, we already have the Kardashians.

The obvious results of such concentrated psychopathic behavior are the atrocities that are occurring all around us. Most people would agree that genocides, wars, political repressions, manufactured famines, organ harvesting, sexual abuse, etc., constitute atrocities. But what about the less obvious acts perpetrated on the unsuspecting public, like mass vaccinations, economic collapse, GMO and nanomaterial foods, pesticides, bad water, and propaganda teaching our kids that humans need not exist anymore. Do these examples constitute atrocities? Well, our beloved government has started yet another interagency investigatory board to “prevent” atrocities. Let’s see how they do.

Higher social class predicts unethical behavior (only abstract, my link is broken)

Suicide by economic crisis

Introducing the Atrocities Prevention Board

Doctors’ suicides focuses Chinese public on organ harvesting

Untested polio vaccine causing polio-like paralysis

FDA proposes new guidelines for nanomaterials in food and cosmetics

This 12 year old think that human should no longer exist

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6 responses to “The Red Pill 2051_4/30/12

  1. Hi Chad,

    Interestingly, I read this article ( ) the other day and thought of the study you cited in this podcast about rich people being more unethical. In it Stephen King is quoted as saying that he pays to little tax and should pay more, they also mention other American high earners such as Warren Buffet and Michael Steinhart (a prominent hedge fund manager) who were among hundreds of other “Patriotic Millionaires” that signed a letter calling for higher taxes for the good of America. I would hazard a guess that a section of society would now quote these wealthy people as being altruistic and would hold them up as a beacon for all that is true and just, thus refuting the findings of the study. I can be 99% certain that each one of these millionaires pays an overly expensive accountant each year to find loop holes to prevent them from paying higher tax. For example Warren Buffet is quoted as saying he pays less tax than his secretary, how is it possible for a billionaire to do that without the use of creative accounting. In the full article by King, that the above article links to ( ) he insists that even though he pays roughly US$4 million to charities, classing himself as a part of the charitable 1 percenters (acknowledging the class of elites that exist), he says that this is not enough because only the government (through appropriate taxes)can sufficiently appropriate money to build infrastructure, care for the poor, educate the young and repay the war debt. Yet it is amusing that he should put so much trust in the government that up to now, as he states has done everything wrong with tax payer’s money, yet in some strange twist of fate if only they had more money then maybe they could turn things around and do the right thing.

    We have the exact same thing here in Australia at the moment where people are howling that people who are rich should pay their fair share (more tax), without defining what rich is. Many populist slogans are thrown around such as the poor paying for the health care of the rich (through our Medicare system) and other middle class tax rebates. It is promoted as producing a fairer playing field and if people who earn more pay higher taxes then lower income earner will pay less tax and have more to spend. I may be being naive, but this seems straight out of a communist’s tactician book to produce a single class of people. People seem to be under the spell that corporations and governments are separate entities, and that the government implements laws only in the public’s best interest.

    Another red flag in the full Stephen King article is that he decries rich people who tend to horde money and pass it on to their children. Could this possible be massaging the public towards accepting changes to inheritance laws. It would be very easy to convince people that toil their whole lives and end up with nothing to pass on to their descendants to look favourably on taking away from those that have wealth and share it among the masses, thus potentially prohibiting any families in the future from amassing wealth that may not have the same ideas as the current elites.

    B in Australia

    • Hi B,
      Thanks for another interesting article. It’s immpossible to know what kind of game Mr. King is playing.
      He has been a big player in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and I can say with some confidence that he has been made privy to larger parts of the plan for world domination. “The Stand” and “Under the Dome” are just a little too on the nose to be coincidence. (If you remember, The Simpsons movie was about a dome over Springfield and it came out before his book. There may have been some communication problems between the Pentagon and the entertainment industry that year. Just a thought.) As I’ve admitted many times, predictive programming is a tricky subject to show people. It requires imagination and a leap of faith, so to speak, both of which seem to be in short supply these days. (And it makes me sound crazy too.)

      Even if one were to disregard the above arguement, one would have to wonder how a man with such a vast and prolific imagination could possibly be trapped in the Left vs. Right paradigm. But that is the limited scope of his essay. Everything currently wrong in the U.S. can be blamed on rich Republicans. There is no mention of Obama’s bank bailouts or how the Fed is staffed by “former” Goldman Sachs employees. The liberal rich cannot make such statements, it seems. And of course, he has to bring up Bill Gates. That man’s PR department has done a wonderful job of casting him as the poster boy for the liberal rich. (Nevermind he said he wanted to use vaccines for population control. Such altruism!)

      The part where he talks about America’s responsibilities, especially the war debt, made me chuckle as well. Besides his optimism in a liberal government, I would like to ask him exactly to whom do we owe these debts? Very few people in the U.S. seem to know the answer.

      And you are not being naive to suspect communism in regards to the wealth distribution arguement. It is straight out of Marism/Leninism. And we know how that turned out.



  2. After the Greek elections, and the peoples rejection of the enforced austerity measures to control their lives, I suspect they are going to be made an example of, and the country forced into bankruptcy in the not too distant future. They now have a fractured government that will be unable to agree on anything leaving them at the mercy of their banking creditors when they call in the outstanding debt owed. Ultimately this may trigger a wave of financial chaos much worse than the current GFC. I think it would be a fair prediction that Greece will then be held up as an example of what happens when you don’t comply with the will of the elites and subsequent world financial problems will be blamed on the Greek people for not doing the right thing. This serves two purposes, one, to create an warning for the people of other countries, and two, take focus of the real cause the problem established through excess debt and poor financial practices committed to by successive left and right wing governments. Out of fear the people of other western countries will further retract into their bubbles and question less what their political leaders do, saying, “just as long as what happened in Greece doesn’t happen here”, hoping that as long as their jobs are safe then the worst is over.

    In an article about the current Greek elections ( ) there is a warning from the German Finance Minister, inferring that if the newly elected Greek government was not committed to the continuing austerity measures then Greece would “bear the consequences”. I would be surprised if this was not already predicted and planed for and they have just been biding their time.

    • Your assessment of the situation in Greece is spot on. I would like to add a thought that came to me when all this began. Greece is THE symbol of democracy in the collective Western mind. It’s why people still bother to vote. But as Greece devolves further into chaos and the people are blamed for it, the effect on the Western mind may be profound, although probably subconscious for most. If democracy cannot work in its birthplace, how can it work anywhere else?

      It seems a very convoluted line of attack, but I do not put anything past the elite and their think tanks.

  3. Hi Chad,

    I visited the Club of Rome website today and they have just released a new report entitled 2052: A global forecast for the next 40 years ( ). The link is just a summary of what the report is about but 3 of the conclusions caught my eye:

    -The current dominant global economies, particularly the United States, will stagnate. Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and ten leading emerging economies (referred to as ‘BRISE’ in the Report) will progress.

    -China will be a success story, because of its ability to act.

    -Global population will peak in 2042, because of falling fertility in urban areas.

    This is more a forecast of what will happen rather than a prediction. If you visit the Club of Rome wikipedia page (I know this is not the best resource for information) it states:
    The British science magazine New Scientist reported on 19 November 2008 a study by the research organisation CSIRO in Australia found “changes in industrial production, food production and pollution are all in line with the Club of Rome’s predictions”. (of course because it is very easy when you are controlling what goes on to make the correct predictions)

    So from this we see that the economy in America is not going to pick up despite all the rhetoric of improvement from politicians. Once again China is held up as the state to emulate, as if things there for their citizens are so fantastic, with the vast majority working for slave wages and beholden to corruption. Finally fertility, how do they know that fertility rates are dropping unless they have something to do with it, as I will note that you have mentioned many times.

    Its is surreal that they are so open about what they are planning to do, almost as if they were to be exposed they would say, “well, we never tried to hide anything, this has been our intention from the beginning”. I do know what you mean by sounding crazy, I often question myself and think this cannot be happening but there are too many pieces that fit together (although I still have major gaps). While I have had a sense that something has been wrong for a long time, I have really only fully woken up in the past 6 months, and can now see the propaganda everywhere. It is hard to explain to other people as it is so easy for them to be dismissive and brush anything you say off as conspiracy theory. I am trying to figure out a relatively short list of facts, to not only consolidate my own knowledge but also as a reference for people to see what is really going on around them. In some cases it may be impossible to show others, as this system is like a drug and even if they knew what was happening they would still have to want to give it up.

    B in Australia

  4. Hi B,
    Thanks for the link. I haven’t visited the Club of Rome website in a while. The report doesn’t surprise me, because it simply echoes similar reports that I’ve read and talked about. Here is a report from the British Ministry of Defense that will give you another point of reference. It hits all the same points, but from a military view, of course.

    Don’t worry about your gaps in knowledge at this time. Unfortunately, the gaps get wider and deeper as you go further. If our correspondence continues, as I hope it does, it will be interesting to see what gaps you fill that I never even thought of.

    Take care,

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