Agenda 21 in action

This is a very important story to pass around. Agenda 21 is not some grand scheme that will be sprung on an unsuspecting public sometime in the near future. It is happening right now in your favorite city or idyllic little town. Roswell, GA is not a member of ICLEI, but it really doesn’t matter. Agenda 21 has been well propagated throughout the world and small-minded, politically correct bureaucrats know which way the wind is blowing.

Andrew Wordes vs. City of Roswell, GA


2 responses to “Agenda 21 in action

  1. Hi Chad,

    I came across this website from Australia that I thought you and some of the listeners might find helpful. It has some very similar information to what you discuss and their research has led them to the same conclusions, that an elite number of people are manipulating the rest of us for their own gain.
    The website was setup by Arthur and Fiona Cristian after they lost their business and house due to banking practices in 2005, in which they were tricked into signing a re-financing contract that forced them to pay more to the bank they they were originally told they would have too or budgeted for. After hiring lawyers and going to court they realised that the lawyers would happily take their money but were not so comfortable in pursuing the bank. They dropped the lawyers and began to research the judicial system and banking practices and the result was the website and their awaking to how this world really is controlled by a select few. This is a good example of how banks can manipulate people and use the system to avoid any type of legal recourse. Some people would say (and I would have been one of them, before I woke up) that the Cristian’s should have read the fine print of the contract that they were signing, but they were being told by more than one “expert” (i.e. the loan provider and mortgage agent) that the paper work was all in order. This scenario could happen to any person that owns property and in their pursuit of more wealth (as seems to be the goal of people these days) signs a new contract with a bank, only to find that the contract is not what they had originally wanted and pressure can now be applied by the bank for their own purposes. Whether this type of situation occurs as a result of individual people within the bank or as a result of banking practices makes no difference as the system still protects the bank and thus the guilty parties that have committed fraud, leaving individuals with little way of finding compensation.

    B in Australia

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