The Red Pill 2051_4/10/12

The Red Pill 2051 podcast has returned! There was so much to talk about that I won’t burden you with my usual descriptive introduction. Suffice it to say, the Great Work continues and is becoming more obvious by the day. It didn’t take me long to get back in the swing of things.

(For those interested, the outro song is call “Comrade Scientists” by Valdimir Vissotski. A translation can be found on this site:) Vissotski translations

Google Floor Plan App

Google+ New Ghost Profiling

Sentient World: war games on the grandest scale

Scientist created hybrid H5N1-Swine flu virus

Human Engineering and Climate Change (Oxford)

New Taser camera and tech

The killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr

Russia’s new “zombie gun” program

Homelessness becomes a crime in Hungary (communism still running strong)

Russian man facing life in prison for killing home invaders

Earth’s clouds are getting lower (I wonder why?)


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2 responses to “The Red Pill 2051_4/10/12

  1. Hi Chad,

    Glad to hear your back. I was going to wait awhile till I posted some more comments but at the moment I have no other avenue to voice my concerns and hopefully this information is in someway helpful. Today I came across a topic that I found quite scary. Here in Australia the monster that infects the world is so obvious I am surprised that they still hold elections to fool people into thinking they still have some sort of democratic choice over how their futures are being shaped. Australians are a very laid back bunch of people and it actually takes something big for them to get motivated and protest. My first mistake, when I realised the truth of this world, was to naively inform people of what I had discovered to date in the hope of making more people aware. The typical responses ranged from, “if that’s true why isn’t it in the media”, “who cares, what can we do about it anyway” and the typical “that just sounds like a conspiracy theory”.

    Analogous to America we have a two-party preferred system of voting , which basically means we have a choice of two major political parties Labor (would be equivalent to your Democrats) and Liberal/National coalition (would be our Republicans). At the present time, Julia Gillard who is a known Fabian member is our prime minister. She is likely to lose the next election in 2013 due to an unpopular carbon tax scheme to start on the 1st of July this year. The problem is that the opposition (Liberal) leader, Tony Abbott is a graduate of the Rhodes scholarship which I am sure you are aware was setup by Cecil Rhodes at Oxford University to indoctrinate potential people of power. The other problem is that his rival for leadership of the opposition (Liberals) Malcolm Turnbull is also a recipient of the Rhodes scholarship and a wealthy banker with many connections. So as it stands we currently have no options to vote for an alternative except if you believe the lie that there is a difference between the two major political parties.

    But I digress, the topic that I found of most concern was the proposal for the new West Australian Mental Health Bill. The draft legislation includes laws to allow sterilisation for children without parental consent, where the child is deemed sufficiently mature to make the decision. It also include laws for children as young as 12 to consent to psychosurgery including cutting of the brain and electroshock therapy. These treatments can be forced onto anyone of any age on the advice of an “authorised mental health practitioner”, but the definition of such a person has not been specified in the bill. There are many websites addressing the issue as I have now found, but this one gives a nice summary of the key points

    Apologies for the length of the post but I think the best option at the moment is to coalesce as much information as possible to get a better understanding of how this system operates, as it is occurring world wide.

    B in Australia

  2. Hi B,
    I’m glad you posted another comment. And no need for apologies, you can post all you want here. It may be just you and me for a while, but perhaps some others will join in the future.

    I’ve met many Aussies in my travels, so I know how laid back they can be. Canadians are the same way. It’s scary really, but not surprising. It’s a strange and lonely feeling to realize that almost everyone around you has been indoctrinated and propagandized into a certain way of thinking. Facts are almost useless against propaganda, because they lack an emotional element that propaganda provides. All you can do is plant seeds in peoples’ minds and hope that some of them take. Take pride in the fact that you somehow broke through the indoctrination, especially having grown up in a Commonwealth state.

    I didn’t realize you had elections coming up so soon, but I’m not surprised that the candidates are playing for the same team. Our election coming up is a worse joke this time than when John Kerry ran against G. W. Bush. Ron Paul is a glimmer of hope, only because it has become so obvious to people how the media is selectively ignoring him. It’ll be interesting to see what happens later this year.

    Thank you for the article. I’ve scanned it briefly and unfortunately wasn’t surprised at what I read. These little apparatchiks love to bypass adults and go right for the easily manipulated youth. And if that doesn’t work, they have the professionals deem you nuts. There is a great book called, “A Question of Madness” by Zhores and Roy Medvedev. You can get it cheap on Amazon, if you wish. The communists used this technique all the time, as you probably know.

    I wish I had something more positive to say, but until people see the danger for themselves, all we can do is learn all we can.


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