The Red Pill 2051_2/26/12

China is the U.N.’s model state for the world. Such high praise comes with a steep price, though; crushing bureaucracy, rampant corporatism, poisoned air, food and water. That doesn’t sound like a great deal to me and I doubt to most Americans. But that is the reality in present day China. Over in Britain, the facade of civility continues to crack and expose the psychopathic tendencies of the ruling class. The Third Reich is alive and has a British accent. Nathaniel Rothschild has lost a libel case that exposes the inner workings of political power and finance. The details shouldn’t really surprise anyone with a functioning brain. But it’s all just coincidence, right?

BASIC countries oppose EU carbon tax

After Chinese river poisoned, doctors forbidden from diagnosing

The priviledges of Communist elite include purified air

Outrage as Chinese company buys up New Zealand dairy farms

Tory MP and a Nazi stag party

Rothschild loses libel case and reveals secret world of finance and politics

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