The Red Pill 2051_2/20/12

People are frustrated with our school system and I can’t really blame them. One would think that all that money, teacher training and standardized tests would produce better students, yet the students are getting unnervingly dumber and more out of control. In a country where money fixes everything, how can this be?
Well, what if the school system is doing exactly what it is supposed to? The media never asks that question. What if compulsory schooling was designed from the beginning to create insecure, fearful, perpetually childish children, who could never really grow up. They would have to be managed and the controllers already had a management system in mind: socialism. All the difficult decisions would be handled by the government, while the citizens would work and play and NOT think. A bloodless revolution to bring about socialism in the U.S. has happened in the realm of chalk dust, chewed pencil erasers and graffitied school desks. Who would of thunk it?

John Taylor Gatto and the real purpose of education

Thousands of children start school without potty training

Review of book “ConsumerShift” (they have us all figured out, huh?

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