The Red Pill 2051_2/9/12

The age of chaos is steamrolling along and gathering speed. Zbigniew Brzezinski sees portents of catastrophe if the U.S. declines too rapidly. China is not yet ready to take over as policeman of the world, and quite frankly, many countries would prefer that not to happen at all. Without a strong, centralizing presence the world may fall back into the chaos of nation states. (gasp!) How will the world survive? What is more interesting is that Mr. Globalist himself doesn’t mention the United Nations as a possible stabilizing force. Wasn’t that its original purpose?
These days, the U.N.’s reputation with Americans is tepid at best. With the coming presidential elections, this isn’t really the best time to step into the limelight. Behind the scenes, however, the U.N. has been busy taking over every facet of our government, from local to federal. The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) has been around since 1990, quietly taking over city councils in the name of sustainability and initiating the Rio conventions and Agenda 21. See if your town or city is a member on their website. Perhaps all this current chaos is designed to force people to see the U.N. as the only viable solution to solve the planet’s woes.
The U.N. is also popping up in comic books again, this time hiring an international team of superheroes led by a corporate shill named Booster Gold. The propaganda is so obvious that it would be laughable if so many were not blind to it.

After America by Zbigniew Brzezinski

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)

The League of Extraordinary Bureaucratic Gentlemen

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