The Red Pill 2051_1/30/12

For those who witnessed the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime, it was very difficult, if not impossible to reconcile their acts within the confines of basic morality and rationality. How could people become such barbarians in such a short span of time? As time passed, the answer became clearer. A religion based on the myth of the Thule was the driving factor in almost all the decisions made by the ruling hierarchy. Using this myth to his full advantage, Himmler created the cult of the S.S., who believed they were securing a future for a race of new supermen that would reign over the earth for a thousand years. Jews were just one of many lowly groups of animals that had to be exterminated for the Aryan race to thrive. In many ways, Nazi Germany existed in a different, bizarro dimension from the rest of the world.

But the dream of the coming supermen never died. The religion of Thule was replaced by the religion of science. In place of the fevered proclamations of Hitler, we have the sober recommendations of the white-coated priests, who we call scientists. Through the more “humane” technique of genetics (eugenics), the undesirables of society will eventually be weeded out, making space for the supermen to arrive. Men and women who will be “super” at serving their masters, that is.

MIT discovers master gene for memory production

Are we ready for a “morality pill”

CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding to boost ‘efficacy’ of vaccines

More Chimera’s created in a lab

CDC: After $600,000 spent, we have no idea what causes Morgellons disease

VA Attorney General worried about rat families from D.C.

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