The Red Pill 2051_The Creature Part IV

The story of the Federal Reserve and its effect on all of our lives is not complete without discussing the Rothschild Dynasty. I do not find it an exaggeration to state that this family of financiers and bankers own the majority of the resources of the planet, either directly or inderectly through political and corporate influence. Since the family “took over” the Bank of England, traces of this incredible influence can be seen in almost every country of the planet, if one chooses to look for it. Even at the birth of the United States, Nathan Rothschild had inserted himself for a time as THE banker for the newly formed Congress. And the Rothschild’s hand was firmly in the cookie jar when the First Bank of the United States was charted. Many years later, during the first year of WWI, Rothschild’s agent in America, J.P. Morgan, gave loans to a failing Britain. In the higher levels of power, it was decided that the U.S. had to enter the war to save Britain, (and, of course, recoup the interest on the Morgan loans). The Lusitania was chosen, by such characters as Winston Churchill and Colonel Mandel House, as the sacrificial lamb upon the altar of high finance and ultimate world control. The paper trail is there for anyone who cares to follow it.

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