The Red Pill 2051_10/6/11

It seems old Vlad has decided to take the reigns of power again and is calling for a “Eurasian Union” to be formed to rival the EU. Sound suspiciously familiar to me. The Soviet Union is alive and kicking, but just under a different name. From China we are getting more glimpses of the harsh treatment of women who break the one child policy. Where is their “revolution”? Well, the authorities have devious ways to channel public opinion on that supposedly democratizing invention called the internet. Over in Britain, citizens may finally begin to feel uneasy about the security apparatus that has been built all around them, stripping them of what dignity they have left. Here in the States, the TSA is trying to reshape its public image, but I would say poorly at best.

Putin’s grand vision: a new Eurasian bloc with old Soviet neighbours

China’s harsh enforcement of the One-Child policy

In China, authorities hire writers to “channel public opinion” online

Invasion of the Body Scanners

U.K. Home Secretary wishes to scrap Human Rights Act (It’s not what you think.)

TSA launches new “known traveller” program

TSA will stop groping children-kind of

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