The Red Pill 2051_9/21/11

Carl Jung spoke of religious prompting in our psyches, which when repressed by rational thinking tend to bring on neuroses. Religious experience seems to be an important ingredient in our psychic make-up, otherwise religion would have died a natural death long ago. Could it be that science is now the new religion of the day? It has all the markers of a religion. People believe scientists will save us from ourselves. Is that really true? Is life any less risky than in previous ages? I would say no. Yes, we live longer, but for what purpose? To work and acquire more stuff that we really don’t need to survive? Let’s look at what science is doing for us today.

Tick-borne parasite infecting U.S. blood supply

Dangerous TB spreading at an alarming rate in Europe

“Doctor in your pocket” aims to tackle child obesity

Roundup Birth Defects were known to Regulators

Aspartame: Sweet Misery in a Poisoned World (Google Video)
Monsanto print ads

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