The Red Pill 2051_7/6/11

Most people have become comfortable with the idea of genetic engineering. We really don’t have a choice, when one thinks about it. Corporations around the globe have been dumping hazardous chemicals into our water supplies for decades, and usually secretly unless they were caught in the act. Phthalates are used in cosmetics and plastics along with bisphenol A. Now, all of a sudden, we are being clued in about the physical effects of these toxins and how they can alter sexual orientation in the womb. It seems too little too late to me, but maybe I’m just crazy. I harbor no ill will towards the homosexual community, rather I have a profound sense of sadness that certain people with certain gene profiles never had a chance. As the rest of nature is being genetically engineered, it’s safe to assume we are as well.

11-year old girl denied ambulance in Sweden

Organs of people killed by euthanasia being harvested for organ transplants in Belgium

Eat a bowl of chips-For Big Brother

Baby, you were born this way

Environmental causes of homosexuality

TEDX-The Endocrine Disruption Exchange

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2 responses to “The Red Pill 2051_7/6/11

  1. hey,

    I just thought I would thank you for providing your audience with such a quality podcast. Also i have been listening on and off since near the beginning of 2010 and have contemplated making a new logo / icon picture for you. Well I had some spare time and finally decided to create it.. I hope its alright. – This should be the link to the image.

    • Oh wow, Justin! The logo is fantastic! Graphic arts are not my cup of tea and I could never pull off a logo like that. One minor issue: there’s an “i” at the end of my last name. Otherwise, it’s perfect and I’d be happy to use it from here on out. I rarely hear from the listeners, but when I do, I’m overcome with gratitude. Thank you again and I look forward to your reply.

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