The Red Pill 2051_6/23/11

What will you do when your back is against the wall? Would you be willing to be a martyr? One man in N.H. felt that he had no choice than to take a stand to expose the corruption in our court system. You may think him a coward, but as you read his final statement, you may find his argument compelling. He talks about a Second Set of Books, which circumvent the First Set of Books, or the Rule of Law. For people who wonder why law seems to have no common sense, this man’s essay explains it quite eloquently. There are other examples of the Second Set of Books and I explore just a few.

Last statement sent to Sentinel from self-immolation victim

Sainsbury’s supermarket staff are being trained as government ‘health spies’

Supreme Court blocks climate change lawsuit filed by states

F.B.I. makes up new rules so they can go through your garbage

FEMA to demand money back from Katrina victims

EU to U.K. pig farmers: Give your pigs toys

Road Rage in Russia (what the elites really think of us plebes)

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