The Red Pill 2051_5/16/11

Corruption, whether it be in government or business, has become so commonplace that most people simply ignore it. This implies that society itself has become so corrupt that those living within cannot see how horrible the situation has become. How can this be? Well, very sophisticated psychological techniques are used on us all the time, facilitating “the disappearance of reality in a world of hallucinations. Man will be led to act from real motives that are scientifically directed and increasingly irresistible; he will be brought to sacrifice himself in a real world, but for the sake of the verbal universe which has been fashioned for him. …The ends he is expected to reach are known only to the manipulator of the mass subconscious, and to them alone.” (Jacques Ellul, “The Technological Society” 371-72) In other words, the masses have been conditioned to respect authority, even when that authority is breaking all the rules that it created in the first place. There is a blind hope that these very “special” people will see the errors of their ways and repent. But psychopaths harbor no guilt or remorse for their actions. It’s time people see the true face of our “leaders”.

Get Motivated: Business Seminars

Get Motivated seminars designed to fleece you

IMF boss is like a “rutting chimpanzee”

Prince Andrew and the pedophile

Russia’s Crime of the Century

FBI claims Constitutional right to lie to the courts

Indiana Planned Parenthood sees flood of donations after defunding

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