The Red Pill 2051_3/30/11

Somewhat surprisingly, a scientist has come out and publicly stated that H.A.A.R.P. is responsible for the Japanese earthquake, but I’ll leave that for you to ponder. Regardless, the disaster is helping to propel us quicker into renewable energy, which just doesn’t work on a mass scale. But be careful who you argue with online, because the Pentagon claims it’s just now infiltrating social media sites around the world with “sock puppets” to coerce online opinion. A terror drill in a sleepy little Iowa town has sparked controversy. Is anywhere safe? I would advise prayer to your God, but it seems religion is dying in some countries around the world. I wonder what will replace it? Banks are now spending money to knock down homes they can’t sell and the EU is proposing a ban on all gas and diesel vehicles by 2050. The plan is speeding right along, it seems.

HAARP and the Japanese nuclear disaster

Could Chernobyl scaremongers cost our nuclear future?

U.S. spy operations that manipulate social media

Iowa terror drill that portrays immigration foes as killers

Religion may become extinct in nine nations (But what about a replacement religion, like Earth worship?)

“Have an affair” bus ads anger Swedish commuters

Bank of America will help demolish 100 houses in Detroit

EU’s plan to ban gas and diesel powered cars by 2050

Nick Clegg’s unguarded comment caught on camera

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