The Red Pill 2051_3/29/11

As the nuclear disaster unfolds in Japan, the elites are taking advantage of this crisis to push for restrictions against the use of nuclear energy. All this really means is that we’ll be paying more for less energy in the future, which falls right in line with the Green Movement and Agenda 21. While our suffering slowly intensifies here at home, our government is sponsoring technology that may help activists thwart censorship in authoritarian regimes, especially in the Middle East. Maybe China got wind of this and is preparing itself? All we get here is an updated Emergency Alert System. Now the president can talk directly to you as you’re trying to watch Dancing with the Stars. And if you’re not the TV watching type, he can text you too. And pressure mounts from the banks with higher ATM fees and possible debit card spending limits. Isn’t progress grand?

U.S. State Department sponsoring cellphone “panic button” for pro-democracy activists

China tightens electronic censorship

FCC: Presidential emergency alerts to be tested

Tracking your Wi-Fi trail

It’s coming: The $5 ATM fee

Debit Cards: $50 spending limit? (Say it ain’t so!)

BrainGate neural interface research

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