The Red Pill 2051_3/8/11

The dialectic technique is being utilized to its maximum efficiency as evidenced with David Cameron’s recent trip to Kuwait as a chaperone for British arms manufacturers. And his reaction to public criticism is priceless! Not far away, Iran is prepping to use Chinese made anti-riot vehicles when protests begin to break out in the near future. Why didn’t we see these things in Egypt? What evil dictator wouldn’t want to use such dastardly devices, I ask? NASA has an insane solution for global warming that only needs a small amount of the world’s nuclear weapons. That sounds safe…
Even though the Brits have curbed their energy use over the past decade, it’s still not good enough for the EU technocrats pushing towards global depopulation. But that plan is rolling right along as more and more people slip into near starvation poverty due to rising food costs. Thanks for the warning, World Bank. Never fear, because the governments of the world want to make you happier and what better way to do that than to take another survey. Smoking pariahs have been targeted in Honduras, further separating people from one another and virtual police are into your Facebook account, just in case you’re bullying someone. Just another day in the lives of the profane.

David Cameron defends sales of weapons to Middle East

Tehran uses China’s high-tech trucks to squash protests

Various anti-riot vehicles from different times and places

Could a small nuclear war stop global warming?

UK energy use fell by 5% in eight years

Food prices pushes 44 million more people into poverty

How are you? UK government wants to know

In Honduras, family members can turn you in for smoking in your own home

Virtual police hunt for cyber bullies on Facebook

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