The Red Pill 2051_3/7/11

At a higher level of reality, the North American Union is already a done deal and now it’s just a matter of time before we, the profane masses catch up. One of the facades, behind which this union hides is the drug war. Our “representatives” are have thrown billions of our hard earn tax dollars at this war with negligible results, but that doesn’t stop them from throwing another $1.4 billion into the black hole of Mexican corruption. I know I keep asking this, but aren’t we broke? Well, we are, but the money the money borrowed keeps flowing into the hands of the police and intenlligence service agencies that use it to buy equipment that can spy on us, as one 20 year old man recently found out. The Patriot Act continues to hang over our collective heads, ready to snatch up anyone who dissents against the powers that be, but most people have lost their fervor over this controversial piece of legislation, which has allowed Congress to continue to expand its use. Of course, the CFR is behind them 100%, or is it the other way around? Beijing citizens are receiving their first taste of totalitarian surveillance, but we’re way ahead of them, if you ask me.

Obama and Calderon pledge cooperation on drug wars

Student files lawsuit over FBI’s GPS tracking

Extending Patriot Act powers (CFR)

Beijing citizens to be tracked through their mobiles

RIM, Bank of America partnering for mobile wallet NFC trial

Climate zealots ruin skeptic’s livelyhood

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