The Red Pill 2051_2/22/11

The flames of “revolution” are sweeping across the Middle East. But if the people are just the kindling to start the fire, who struck the spark? There a few letters of the alphabet that Erik and I can think of, but you can read and decide for yourself.
The slang term “sheeple” has taken on a whole new dimension now that a Cambridge scientist has discovered, much to his surprise, that sheep are as smart as humans. Is anyone else offended, or is it just me?
Though its become routine in these totalitarian days, we look at a few devious ways the rulers steal our hard-earned money, silence our voices, spy on us and blame us for the weather.

Activist Forward March

Sheep are as smart as humans

CIA Coup-College: Recycled revolutionary “props”

Rich take from the poor as U.S. subsidy law funds luxury hotels

10 way in which Google runs the world

In Arguments on Corporate Speech, the Press Is a Problem

The world will get warmer; deal with it

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