The Red Pill 2051_2/15/11

Erik has returned in this episode and there is much to discuss. Technology addiction is on the rise, eagerly promoted by software and hardware manufacturers alike. As our spending power diminishes, the powers that be keep finding creative ways to take more of it from us by the force of law, of course. They are the money masters, truly. All the while, the masses are entertained and brainwashed helped in great part by foundations and NGO’s. This ongoing war can be both bold and subtle and it’s up to those who can see to prepare our minds to try and help the masses who never seem to understand or even care about what is happening to them.

Documentary: The Money Masters

Hypnosis by LCD screens becoming rampant

Dozens of Facebook phones coming this year

Rural drivers in Britain must wait for petrol cuts

Judge John Roll Giffords link to the Arizona shootings

J.P. Morgan now accept gold as collateral

Pay your dog tax or Fido gets it

21 signs that the once great U.S. economy is being gutted, etc…

Ford Foundation putting up $50 million to fund documentaries

Blurb about the movie “Home”

New green agenda movie called “Home”

Website of PPR Group

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