The Red Pill 2051_2/5/11

The turmoil in Egypt continues, but was the cause really just tyranny, or perhaps rising food costs? The CFR points to food and considering that organization is responsible for planning the future, I’ll go with their assessment. Now that the housing bubble has burst, we’re hearing the first utterances that the food bubble is next. Crop shortages have nothing to do with GMO seeds, toxic pesticides, or even weather manipulation. At least, that’s what the media tells us. On top of all this we’re experiencing ‘Global Burnout Syndrome’ as coined by the head of the World Economic Forum this past month. It’s amazing how quickly all these events happen! In the short span of 10 years, we’ve gone from abundance to austerity, peace to chaos, and, of course, we’re to blame.

Food Prices and Instability

Governments stockpiling food

When will the food bubble burst?

Bio of founder of Earth Policy Institute

Genetically modified alfalfa approved by our friends from the USDA

Methyl Iodide use approved in California

‘Global Burnout Syndrome’ may hurt recovery

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