The Red Pill 2051_1/26/11

Back in 2007, The British Ministry of Defense predicted the emergence of ongoing, worldwide riots starting around 2010-2012 and lo and behold, just look at what’s happened. The world has experienced riots in Iceland, Greece, Britain, Tunisia and now Egypt. I wonder how they knew? Perhaps the fact that the IMF has decimated their economies? Over in the EU, British fisherman are forced to dump millions of tons of fish to comply with quota laws and people wonder why their sushi is so expensive. Little wars may erupt from all this turmoil, and according to an “expert” for the Carnegie Institution for Science, mass human deaths allow forests to regrow and soak up more CO2. Meanwhile, you can’t plant a tree in the city without the proper permits. Erik is back on this show and gives his point of view about the Arizona shootings. Why don’t people care about all this? Maybe because they’re addicted to sex, violence and fun, all wrapped into one. Imagine what the upcoming generation will be in to.


Riot in Cairo

EU orders UK trawlers to dump 1m tons of fish

What’s the carbon footprint of war?

Arizona lawmakers seek protections after shooting. (I bet.)

Oakland second graders engaged in sex acts in class, report says

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