The Red Pill 2051_1/14/11

From our viewpoint, down here at the bottom level of society, where we are kept in ignorance by the simple act of withholding vital information. It seems impossible to conceive of, let alone plan, the human condition in a million years. We are too busy trying to survive and also distract ourselves from reality with TV, video games, Facebook, etc.

But there are those who are daring such a feat and at the moment are having great success. Let’s finish peering into the probable future of humanity as Charles Galton Darwin sees it.

Below is a revealing interview about the future with Aldous Huxley from the 1950’s. He and Charles Galton are like peas in a pod. This is not surprising, since Aldous’ grandfather, Thomas Huxley was a great friend and proponent Charles Darwin and help solidify the theory of evolution into the public consciousness.

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