The Red Pill 2051_1/9/11

Freedom is an elastic term that means many things to many people. But did you know that there is such an idea as Positive and Negative Freedom? We Americans have enjoyed Negative freedom for the past 60 years, whereas the citizens of the Soviet Union, China and even North Korea have experienced Positive freedom. It doesn’t make sense, really, except to the mindset of those who rule us.

We have been told that North Korea is a rogue state with an insane leader, but this is only a half-truth. In reality, North Korea is a shining success of collectivist/fascist indoctrination, where everyone knows their place and works without complaint towards an idealistic goal, which will never come to be. The citizens don’t need much entertainment and don’t require explanations; they just do what they’re told. What a utopia for those who rule over us! China is an example of the next step, where capitalism and communism is blended with a fascist dictatorship at the top. And remember, China is the model state for the world, according to the U.N.. Only you can set you free…

Positive and Negative Liberty

Inside North Korea

Crossing the line Documentary

Does Chairman Mao rule China from beyond the grave?

Stalin and the “Cult of Personality”

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