The Red Pill 2051_1/4/2011

Erik is back in this episode and we discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from the decline of the U.S. economy, the meteoric rise of the police and surveillance state, the real North Korea, the state of our food and the shaping of our minds by science. Just a few more pieces to this giant puzzle of the so-called “New World Order”, within which we are already living.

George Soros and the managed decline of the U.S. dollar

25 signs of the coming financial collapse

Government by regulation

Terrorist watch list may exceed U.S. population by 2023

Your brain on socialism

Planetary skin institute

6 reasons to start WWIII

National Geographic animation about population growth

Wild relatives of common crops may hold future of food (But not for us)

Hundreds of birds “spontaneously” fall from the sky in the south

11 reasons why North Korea is the most bizarre nation on earth

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