The Red Pill 2051_12/30/10

When one comes to realize and accept the one agenda that rules all our lives, one can’t help but notice the taunting winks and nods all around, like the FP blog, “Shadow Government”. How obvious can one be? The hidden masters aren’t hiding anymore, because they have done such a wonderful job of dumbing down the public. And like strict parents, they dictate the rules and talk down to us to keep us complacent. And while we’re cowering in fear like Pavlov’s dogs, escaping into fantasy to maintain our fragile sanity, the control grid is being finalized. Electricity is the “trick of the elect”. But before that happens, the physical tyranny must intensify. Just ask the student protestors in Britain how they feel about the police these days.

Obama’s 2010: Shadow Government looks back (wink, wink)

About Shadow Government

UK snow chaos: why you are to blame

Some hard to teach because of genetics

Microsoft and the “Smart Grid”

Police kettling video from UK

Police deaths rise in 2010

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