The Red Pill 2051_Cave People

We are all cave people. Here at the bottom, we live in a vast, fabricated information cave, inside of which are many smaller caves that separate us from one another. The internet was never designed to give us freedom of speech or choice, but rather just the shadows of those ideals, as is evident in the recent FCC ruling to allow corporations to more tightly control access to the internet. The cave is being collapsed bit by bit until all alternate information about the state of the world is squeezed out, leaving the masses with only the official propaganda and entertainment. To add insult to injury, while we’ll be paying more to access our fun, we will continued to be spied upon, though most won’t mind. It’s for our safety, right? Break your mental bondage and step out of the cave. You may not like what you see, but you’ll know it’s the truth. And that brings a peace all its own.

Plato’s Cave:

FCC caves on net neutrality (No pun intended)

Wireless companies contemplating charging per service

Whistleblower exposes secret NSA room at AT&T (Youtube)

Mark Zuckerberg pledges half his fortune to charity

Monitoring America

UK government plan to block all pornography at source, unless you opt-in, of course

Will Switzerland allow incest?

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