The Red Pill 2051_12/15/10

Ever so slowly, people are just starting to wake up and are finally noticing the strange trails crisscrossing the sky almost everywhere you look. This new documentary is another great step to possibly stop the poisoning of our skies. It’s claimed that they’re trying to curb global warming, but some white-coated priests in NASA have claimed that the climate models are wrong and the earth is in little danger at the moment. So which one is it? More arguments to justify cloud computing keep popping up, now linked with the green agenda. To top it off, police and government corruption continue to rise. Not that would matter much to the narcissists out there, but then again, their disorder is being dropped from the upcoming DSM-5. Lovely.

“What in the world are they spraying?” Documentary online

5 Personality Disorders struck from upcoming DSM-5

From NASA: current global warming models are wrong

Is the Internet sustainable?

Battle heats up between cops and civilians who record them

Espionage Act “makes criminals of us all”

Assange rape case highlight Sweden’s liberal laws

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