The Red Pill 2051_Global Village

A global village is being created all around us. One in which our choices, movements and even thoughts will be severely limited by the economic control of corporate overlords, exactly like those Carroll Quigley wrote about in “Tragedy and Hope”. The citizens of the EU are just now beginning to understand this better than most at the present. The U.S. is not immune to the harsh economic policies of the EU. The North American Union is already complete as evidenced by the U.S. spy center in Mexico City. We just haven’t been told yet. Be careful what you Tweet about this though, or you may end up in a future work camp like in China. All the while, the depopulation agenda is rolling forward and now we have celebrities telling us it’s alright to be childless in order to save the earth. Be careful where you get your information from.

Ireland unveils harshest budget cuts, tax hikes in history

A Princess who is trying trying to make Estonia love the Euro

Cost of EU agencies more the ₤2 billion

U.S. may be left behind in marketplace if it doesn’t cut CO2 emissions

“U.S. spy center” discovered in Mexico City

Chinese woman sentenced to labor camp for a tweet

Actor won’t have kids for environmental reasons

The Population Institute

Wikimedia Foundation Benefactors page

Open Society Foundations

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